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Not your ordinary gym


9Round is so much more than a "gym". At a typical big box gym you have a membership to enter and use the facility. Everything else after that is extra. At 9Round there is no extra except in all the services we provide to you at no additional cost. How much is a personal trainer worth to you? It doesn't matter if your training for a 5K run, trying to drop 20 pounds before summer, or just get toned back up from having a baby. The 9Round workout will help you achieve your goals.

What about similar clubs? True, there are other types of clubs that provide great workouts. But all of them run strictly on a pre set class schedule and most charge up to 3 times what a 9Round membership cost. Running a few minutes late? At 9R it doesn’t matter because a new round starts every 3 minutes. You’re never late!

What about nutrition? With your 9Round membership you have access to our online nutrition portal packed full of information to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Meal planning got you confused or maybe you just feel like you don't have time to plan a day’s worth of healthy eating? The meal matrix will help you plan the day and then you simply print and go.

Finally what about support? Obviously the entire 9R staff is here to support and motivate you on the road to achieving your fitness goals. But behind the scenes each individual club has the power and support of the franchise always keeping us ahead of the fitness curve. 9Round has become one of the fastest growing fitness clubs in America and during 2014 they are taking the franchise global. It's an awesome time to Get In, Get Addicted, and Get Fit!

So stop gaining pounds and losing years off your life. You can reverse the cycle and at 9Round Denver we are committed to helping you get fit, 9Rounds at a time! Come in today for your FREE workout and see what the excitement is all about. And remember at 9Round it's get fit, never hit!