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1334 W Arrowhead Rd
Duluth, Minnesota 55811


  • Quick but effective workout and flexible schedule.
    - Sep 5, 2019 by N.C.
  • I love how I go in when it works in my schedule and it is all planned out. I can get in a full body workout in just 30 minutes! I highly recommend this gym!
    - Sep 5, 2019 by Annissa Callaghan
  • Its convenient, fun and a good but hard workout!
    - Sep 1, 2019 by M.S.
  • It is great to walk in and have your work out done in 30 min. The circuits keep u constantly moving and love to see my heart rate, calories burned up on tv screen. Friendly staff that make sure u are getting the most out of your workout. Dont worry if u haven't kick boxed before, they ease u into it with one-on-one coaching. I love it!
    - Aug 30, 2019 by Trish Lanthier
  • The routines change and it is a challenge to keep my interest
    - Aug 29, 2019 by Lisa Sturm
  • You can show up when you want. You are never too early or late.
    - Aug 22, 2019 by Tom Heinrich
  • I feel like part of a community. Both the staff and my fellow members care about me as a person, and take an active interest in who I am outside the gym. I always leave feeling better physically AND mentally than when I went in.
    - Aug 21, 2019 by Ilana Yokel
  • Convenient hours and great staff!
    - Aug 17, 2019 by G.P.
  • Awesome workouts and great team (trainers)
    - Aug 14, 2019 by S.C.
  • No set class time. Can work out anytime that works for me.
    - Jul 31, 2019 by Becky Heinrich
  • Trainers, workouts different each day, music, tempo, time commitment, flexibility
    - Jul 28, 2019 by Matt Paulson
  • No scheduled classes, you go at your convenience! Plus you get a fun, total body workout in 30 minutes with help from trainers!
    - Jul 28, 2019 by T.J.
  • Walk in and start your exercise immediately with no wait Walk in and be greeted by the trainer Walk in and know you are going to have a WORKOUT for your entire body Love it!
    - Jul 26, 2019 by Patti Cane
  • I love that any time of day (when it is open), you can walk right in and start your workout!!!
    - Jul 22, 2019 by M.A.
  • Full body workout in 30 Minutes that starts when I decide to walk in
    - Jul 18, 2019 by J.D.
  • This workout is so quick and effective. I love that the trainers are always personally pushing me to work at the level they know I can work out at!
    - Jul 12, 2019 by Alexa Jokinen
  • Everything
    - Jun 7, 2019 by G.S.
  • I like the 3 minute stations with trainers to make corrections
    - May 26, 2019 by Lisa Sturm
  • Variety of workouts
    - May 25, 2019 by K.T.
  • I like that I can go whenever it's convenient for me, I like the social aspect of the whole workout experience, and I love the trainers! I would recommend 9round to any of my friends!
    - May 23, 2019 by Scott Hanson
  • I have directions on what to do, and help to do it right! The trainers get to know me as a person, and I feel like they are rooting for me both in and out of the gym!
    - May 22, 2019 by Ilana Yokel
  • Some of the trainers are not as encouraging as the previous ones. One in particular is constantly criticizing me.
    - May 16, 2019 by S.D.
  • It’s quick and I can come in any time I’d like.
    - May 15, 2019 by M.D.R.
  • Everything, the trainers, the hours, pushing me to be my very best.
    - May 12, 2019 by Mikilia Carroll
  • The trainers with you every step of the way.
    - May 6, 2019 by J.K.
  • I enjoy the experience in itself. Everyday is a different work out so you never know what's going to happen. The trainers are awesome and you make many new friends.
    - May 3, 2019 by J.P.
  • Full body workout (strength and cardio), and it’s always changing so it’s not boring. No start times. I have a variable work schedule and kid’s activities to work around, so I would not be able to go otherwise. I really enjoy the kickboxing/athletic style of the workouts.
    - Apr 29, 2019 by Katie Cannon
  • Trainers and different workouts each day. The whole experience is amazing and always look forward to going to workout!
    - Apr 27, 2019 by Matt Paulson
  • Great workout in 30 minutes. Great trainers!
    - Apr 26, 2019 by K.J.
  • Results
    - Apr 24, 2019 by B.F.
  • Its a fast full body workout.. with great trainers there to make sure your form is correct :) great atmosphere too!! Highly recommend to try it!
    - Apr 20, 2019 by Sandy Modin
  • Having trainer and getting workout in 30 minutes. Really like 530 mornings. Easier to get to with busy life.
    - Apr 20, 2019 by Trina Gebhart
  • Great atmosphere , great people, no class times and in and out in under 40 minutes - after a well rounded workout-
    - Apr 17, 2019 by J.D.
  • No set class time makes it so easy to go whenever I have time.
    - Apr 17, 2019 by Becky Heinrich
  • I love the workout and the style. It does get kind of pricey which I understand but it can be hard to justify the cost. Especially for people who are new to working out.
    - Apr 9, 2019 by C.E.
  • The work out itself, its always different! And the helpful (interactive) staff!!
    - Mar 27, 2019 by L.G.
  • How helpful the staff is. Being about to come in at any time and do a workout that is like going to a class.
    - Mar 22, 2019 by J.M.
  • Everything
    - Mar 21, 2019 by T.R.
  • Easy parking, friendly staff, great work out, changing work out, flexible times, knowledgeable helpful staff, clientele similar to myself. (Lots of women/moms)
    - Mar 14, 2019 by B.A.
  • I love the confidence I've gained since working out at 9Round! I feel stronger, more agile, and like an athlete for the first time in my life. And all with 30 minutes a few times a week :)
    - Mar 13, 2019 by R.L.
  • The one on one training and the fact that the guesswork about what I should be doing on any given day is taken out of the equation.
    - Mar 9, 2019 by Greg Canavan
  • Fun good quick workout! Feel good after done
    - Mar 4, 2019 by Gloria Smith
  • The way the program schedule offers flexibility and the trainers make a personal connectio!
    - Mar 1, 2019 by N.C.
  • 30 minutes of intense workout that keeps your interest
    - Feb 26, 2019 by L.S.
  • Variety of workouts
    - Feb 24, 2019 by K.T.
  • That I can come anytime, the staff and trainers.
    - Feb 11, 2019 by M.C.
  • I love the workout and recommend it to everyone!
    - Feb 7, 2019 by Annissa Callaghan
  • No class times, good community that pushes me harder.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by S.D.
  • The round with the trainer and that the workout changes daily.
    - Jan 31, 2019 by Lisa Sawyer
  • Different workout everyday! Love that I don’t have to think about what I’m goin to do when I show up at the gym - it’s already all laid out for me at each station.
    - Jan 28, 2019 by Chloe Strand

About the team

  • Johanna <span class="nick-name">"Raptor"</span> Rich
    Johanna "Raptor" Rich
    Johanna grew in the Twin Cities on a hobby farm. She has had family in Duluth, hence their desire to move in 2016. Johanna was a member at 9Round in the Cities and instantly became addicted. She was previously never involved in sports and did not consider herself athletic, but found her interest in kickboxing. There was no 9Round in Duluth at the time, but Johanna and husband Geoff (married in 2005) decided to pursue opening a location in the new market. A year and a half later, they made that happen and now own/operate 9Round Duluth. They have three daughters - first born on Christmas Eve, 2016, then identical twin girls born December, 2018. Geoff & Johanna manage 9Round Duluth, and also own 9Round Golden Valley, MN (Hwy 55). Johanna currently works toward Part-Time, while she primarily stays at home with their Twins.
  • Branson <span class="nick-name">"Wolverine"</span> Bice
    Branson "Wolverine" Bice
    Branson grew up in and around Olathe Kansas. He is a seasonally contracted ballet dancer with the Minnesota Ballet and teaches for the Minnesota ballet School. Branson has been studying ballet and other forms of dance for over thirteen years and has a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in dance from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Branson has been studying Amateur MMA for almost as long as he has been dancing dabbling in Karate, Muay Tai, Wing Chun, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet kun do and traditional western Boxing. He has a passion for fitness and health in general and a penchant for correcting form and technique. His motto, “Hard work is clean work.”
  • Maddy <span class="nick-name">"Mayhem"</span> Johnson
    Maddy "Mayhem" Johnson
    Maddy grew up in the Twin Cities and moved up to Duluth to study Exercise Science at UMD. She just graduated this year (2019) and looks forward to working in her field! She had been a group fitness instructor for over two years and wants to continue to grow her knowledge of all types of ways people exercise. In the winter, she loves to snowboard and this past year had the opportunity to volunteer as a snowboard instructor for people with mental/behavioral disabilities. In the summer, she love playing one of her favorite sports, tennis. She's also been a youth and adult tennis coach for two years and loves helping people! You can also find her on a lake enjoying all the lake filled activities or hiking around her favorite spots of Duluth!
  • Geoff <span class="nick-name">"Money"</span> Rich
    Geoff "Money" Rich
    Geoff grew up in the Twin Cities, and is high school sweethearts with Johanna (Full-Time trainer and co-owner). We married at age 18 and 19 back in 2005, and have three daughters - one born December 2016, and two of which are identical twin girls born December 2018. So, home is very busy right now. Geoff started as a 9Round Member in the Twin Cities and it was the only exercise program he could ever stick with. Since moving to Duluth area, they pursued the 9Round Franchise opportunity and decided to open the first location in the Duluth area. In addition to owning and operating the Duluth location, in August of 2018, Geoff & Johanna acquired 9Round Golden Valley (Hwy 55) in the Twin Cities. Geoff primarily runs both businesses, sales and marketing but you will also find him training on the floor and he loves any opportunity to catch up with valued Members or to talk with prospective Members about their goals!
  • Jaime <span class="nick-name">"Tugboat"</span> Nygaard
    Jaime "Tugboat" Nygaard
    Jaime grew up in Duluth MN and Superior WI. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a degree in Exercise Science and a double minor in Sports Medicine and Health. During her time in college, she taught many group fitness classes and was employed at the campus Health and Wellness Center. She looks forward to seeing 9round members progress in their workout abilities and hit their personal goals. Jaime lives in Duluth with her husband and three daughters, with a baby boy due July 2019. Her family can be found outdoors with water sports being a favorite.
  • Desmond <span class="nick-name">"LIL_SCOTT"</span> Scott
    Desmond "LIL_SCOTT" Scott
    Desmond was born and raised in Duluth. Exercise and fitness are things he has always loved, from doing gymnastics in elementary school to spending his time working at 9Round and biking around town. Desmond Graduated from Duluth East in 2017 and got his personal training certification from Lake Superior College Spring 2018. He doesn't have set plans for the future and enjoys any chance to learn something and expand his set of skills. For example, in May Desmond began an internship at the Chief Public Defender's office downtown. His hobbies include singing, exercising, yoga, doing theater, talking to people, biking, hiking, gaming, meditating and reading!
  • Josh <span class="nick-name">"The Prince"</span> Donkor
    Josh "The Prince" Donkor
    Josh is a graduate from Luther College in Decorah Iowa with a bachelors in Exercise Physiology and health and fitness promotion minor. He recently moved to Duluth, transferring from 9Round St. Paul, and is currently in a Master's program at St. Scholastica. Josh loves anything fitness related and helping people reach their goals. His hobbies include playing soccer, working out, listening to music and watching Netflix. Josh's goal is to help people get as fit as possible and continue to improve physical and mentally everyday.