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Don’t Lose Your Rhythm!

It can be really difficult to stay active when special events are just around the corner. Trust me, I know! It’s much easier to say,

I’ll just skip today and go tomorrow,”

than it is to actually get up and go workout!

Last weekend was my son’s first birthday, and we had a lot of family fly in to stay with us and celebrate. It was truly an amazing weekend, and one that I will never forget.

Once it was all over, and it was time to go back to my regular routine;

I felt like CRAP.

During their visit, we ate out every day. We went to yummy southern restaurants, and I had so much fatty, greasy, unhealthy foods!

I am NOT even over exaggerating.

I usually go to 9Round at LEAST 5 days throughout the week, and I didn’t go for 4 days straight! During those four days, I was just not happy with myself. I felt like everything I had worked so hard for had been thrown out of the window in just 4 days. – It is NOT a good feeling. –

Once it was time to go back to my regular routine, I honestly felt like I was starting back at square one all over again.

I know when you have family in town, there are so many things to do such as; keep them entertained, take them out, spend that quality time with them, and also make sure errands are getting done! It keeps you completely distracted from making your way to the gym, but you have to remember that keeping your body in shape and staying active is just as important.

Don’t let yourself stay home from the gym for so many days. Of course there are days you will need to rest and relax your muscles, but don’t let one day of rest keep you from getting back to it. If you are keeping up with a daily workout routine, don’t lose your rhythm! Consistency is the key.

It is much easier to gain the weight back then it is to lose it all over again so you should always stay focused on your fitness goals regardless of what is going on in your life.

One of the main reasons why I love 9Round is because I know when I walk into the door, I will walk back out in 30 minutes feeling accomplished!