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Autism and the Fitness Industry

Drew Brashier

Autism at 9round


Over the course of my career as a trainer I have worked with clients from all areas of life with every possible physical disability you can imagine. Whether it be bad knees or a bad back, I have seen it all. An area that I have only recently been working in, is with clients with special needs, especially clients that are on the Autism spectrum. In the fitness industry as a whole, they are the group that seems to be given the least attention even though they can gain so much from it!


When a person with Autism turns 21, they lose their entitlement benefits that help with physical therapy, and at that point its up to their guardians to figure out what they can do to help them stay active, this is where 9Round is going to be a fantastic avenue for them. During the 9Round workout you use every part of your body working together as a unit, which is great for everyone, but especially great for people with special needs.


At 9Round you have a trainer with you every step of the way and a new fun and exciting workout every day. From my experience, I have yet to see a special needs client not enjoy every second of their workout. The bilateral integration they get from working both sides of their body really helps to establish the link between their brain and their body with can lead to decreases in "rocking" or other movements that can be associated with their special need.


If you have a friend or family member who has special needs I encourage you to come see what 9Rounds is all about, you won't be disappointed! Don't forget, the first workout is FREE!!