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Metabolic Resistance Training Routine For Weight Loss

If you find yourself struggling to fit in a fitness routine but still want to fit in an effective fitness routine that focuses on fat loss, then metabolic resistance training or MRT is probably your best bet. MRT is an intense form of working out that is known to increase muscle mass, quickly burn fat and improve your overall fitness level. The main goal of this type of routine is to maximize your caloric expenditure and at the same time increase your metabolic rate. There are multiple ways to organize your MRT routine; however, circuit training is a fairly easy approach. If you are trying to plan your MRT routine, here are some tips for effectively performing this type of exercise.



  1. Keep up your intensity. You will not be able to create a metabolic debt by not giving it your all. You have to look at the total effort you are putting in and not just the effort you are putting into one set of your multiple set workout. We all know that some sections of your workout will be more intense, but you do not want the less intense sessions and rest breaks taking over your fitness routine. You need to keep your heart rate up and still maintain an effective resistance training routine. So, do not slack off on your speed or your weight training, if you want to get those quick results.

  2. Short workout intervals. You want to maintain a high intensity and your form at the same time, so having quick bursts of exercise would make sense. In order to get the most from your MRT routine, you have to plan your fitness routine as multiple quick bouts of physical activity. You can not do an hour of this exercise and expect to keep your form perfect. Also, the aim here is to have bursts of anaerobic exercise, which is better done in short terms.

  3. The proper equipment. Many people overlook this important component in their MRT routines. You could try and get away with using minimal equipment in your MRT routines, but it would probably become boring fairly quick. Using your own body weight in your resistance training routines can limit the types of exercises you can do. You should try using kettlebells, medicine balls and other free weights to spice up your routine and expand the types of exercises you can perform.

  4. Adequate Space. Space can also limit your exercise selections. It can be hard to swing a kettlebell over your head when your ceilings are only 6 ft high or doing lunges when you only have 2 ft of available free space. You have to make sure you set aside enough room to properly execute each movement without hitting the ceiling, walls or other people. You also want to have enough space to store any of your equipment so that you are not tripping or falling over it during your workout.

There is a lot of planning involved in creating an effective and safe MRT routine. It is most likely more thought than you would have assumed before beginning your MRT routine; however, if you keep in mind the five elements above, you will be off to a great start.