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Push Yourself to the Limit!

It is a great statement to go by as we strive to reach our fitness goals. We push through that pain just like we push ourselves to get through tough situations.

When life gets difficult, you don’t just sit back and hope for a good outcome…

At least I hope you don’t!

We step back and view our situation, look at the pros and cons, figure out our goals, and take the necessary steps to reach those goals. Reaching our fitness goals are very similar to our life situations, both take time and effort.

Whether you are looking to get back into shape or trying to stay fit, you have to be fully committed. It’s easy to want to lose 25 lbs., but what are you going to do to make it happen?

Before you make a commitment to your gym, make one to yourself. Don’t give up and learn to push through the pain. Try to remember; set realistic goals.

During my pregnancy, I gained over 60 lbs.! Just about 15 pounds of the 60 immediately dropped due to water weight, but that was still over 45 lbs. of baby weight that I was determined to lose. I wanted to lose that weight within a couple of months, but it wasn’t the right goal I had set for myself. One thing I was always told during my pregnancy is,

It took you nine months to have a baby…

give yourself that same amount to get back into shape.”

Well, it has been almost a year since I have had my son and thanks to 9Round, I am happier with my body now than I have ever been. I may have stretch marks, but I am definitely not ashamed of them anymore. When I’m working out at 9Round, I don’t even think about how many more workouts it will take me to lose “X” amount of pounds. I work out now because I want to stay fit, and I have fun doing it! The trainers at 9Round will always motivate me to push myself during each round.

If you don’t push yourself, you will never know how strong you are!

One year ago, I couldn’t do ONE push-up. I wouldn’t even attempt to do one. Now, I actually enjoy doing them. Just the other night, my boyfriend and I were upstairs in the hallway playing with our son, and I randomly had the urge to do some push-ups! It’s amazing how much exercise has changed my strength, body, and attitude. Let’s just say I will never say I CAN’T do something again!

  • Sometimes you just need that extra push and luckily, I get that push every time I walk into 9Round!