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The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    When most people think about a personal trainer, they imagine someone who is highly trained but expensive. We believe that only celebrities, pro athletes or the upper class are the only ones who can afford a personal trainer. So, many of us trudge through our fitness routines that may not be very effective and assume that we can not afford the luxury of a personal trainer. However, times are changing. There are many more options than there once was, and it is far easier for you to find an affordable personal trainer these days. In fact, at 9Round fitness we offer all of our clients a personal trainer at no extra cost. You can enjoy the many added benefits of a personal trainer's expertise but still not have to break the bank.


You are a fitness newbie

A personal trainer can help people that are new to fitness or returning after a break get started on the right foot. It can be difficult for someone new to fitness to develop a proper and effective fitness routine, and a personal trainer's expertise can come in handy when you are searching for an effective fitness routine. You want to know your limits and not push yourself too hard in the beginning. At 9Round our personal trainers will be able to help you find your correct fitness level and adapt your fitness routine to help prevent any fitness related injuries and get you the best results. Our certified trainers also ensure that you are using the correct form throughout your workout to help lower your risk of injury and give you an effective fitness routine with fast results.


You are not achieving your fitness goals

Sometimes we work hard and do everything that we can but do not achieve the results we want. We may have reached a lull in our fitness routine and have noticed that our weight loss has slowed or stopped altogether. A personal trainer can look at your fitness routine and see if you need to up the pace or add more weight to achieve your desired results. They can also look at your diet and make suggestions on ways to improve what you may be eating. A personal trainer can also analyze your fitness goals to make sure they are not too far out of reach. If your goals are unrealistic then you may set yourself up for failure, which can cause you to lose your motivation and quit your fitness routine. At 9Round, our trainers are totally involved in helping you set and reach your fitness goals. We are here for you and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss dreams.


You have become bored with your fitness routine

Anyone can get bored doing the same thing over and over. There may come a time in anyone's fitness routine that they experience the feeling of boredom. Exercise requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but the same old pattern over and over tends to become boring. In fact, boredom is a common excuse many give for quitting their fitness routines. At 9Round we combat the  boredom excuse by changing our routines daily and giving our personal trainers the option of adapting your fitness routine to meet your needs. A personal trainer can suggest new ways to add some excitement to your everyday exercises. A personal trainer can help you to stay engaged during your workouts and keep things interesting, while at the same time, ensuring that each workout routine is fun and effective. At 9Round our trainers will be with you every step of the way pushing you and motivating you to succeed.


You are recovering from an injury

If you do sustain an injury while working out, you may feel reluctant to jump right back into your fitness routine. It may be scary and many may give up after experiencing an injury. It will take a lot of courage and knowledge to get back into shape, but you can do it. Furthermore, a personal trainer can be a great tool to ease you back into shape. They can help you find the best fitness routine to gradually help you get back into shape and ensure that you are at a lower risk for reinjuring yourself. All you need to do is let your personal trainer know about your fears and any health problems you may have, not just those associated with your injury. It can help put you at ease knowing that you have an expert watching over you and making sure you are playing it safe, and this can be a big help in overcoming any fears of hurting yourself while working out again.


    Personal trainers are becoming more and more popular in today's world, and it is easy to see why. At 9Round we want you to have the chance to experience what a personal trainer can offer you without having to spend the big bucks. Personal trainers have a vast amount of knowledge that can help us throughout our fitness routines, and they can help us stay motivated to achieve all of our fitness goals. We can lower our risk of injury by using one and have someone to keep us positive throughout any lulls or dips in our fitness routines. It can always be beneficial to have someone who is on our side during our weight loss journey pushing us and encouraging us to achieve our dreams.