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29220 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334


  • The best 30 min invested in a day, staff are great help
    - Aug 16, 2019 by Igal Shaham
  • Great workout and no specific classes. Just start when u get there!
    - Aug 11, 2019 by B.T.L.L.
  • I love 9 round, a great place for total body workout. The staff is amazing and very caring. The thing I love about 9 round is you get a total body workout in just 30 min, and there is always someone to help you pushing to reach your goals. I highly recommend 9 round... Join 9 round and stay healthy and fit
    - Aug 9, 2019 by Mani Maheshwari
  • I love that there are always trainers there to guide you with the different rounds. And the owner and staff are super friendly.
    - Aug 7, 2019 by E.L.
  • I love that the trainers are always pushing you to work. I also love the fact that the workouts are just 30 minutes.
    - Aug 7, 2019 by Rob Ellenstein
  • I love 9 round! I can go whenever I want. I don't plan my day, so not having to commit to a class time is perfect for me. The workout is always changing, always challenging and always leaves me feeling empowered. 9round is the first place that I have ever stuck out for the long haul and stayed committed to being healthy. So glad I found it!! In addition, Slava, the owner, truly cares about his clients and goes the extra mile in seeing that we are informed and set up to succeed.
    - Aug 2, 2019 by Kelly "Pozzi" Pontius
  • Killer workout, but easy to fit into my crazy schedule. Very supportive trainers.
    - Jul 30, 2019 by Erin Schnute
  • The flexibility
    - Jul 24, 2019 by T.T.T.S.
  • Great gym, awesome trainers, by far my favorite place to workout!
    - Jul 23, 2019 by Katie "explosion" Crossman
  • Not having a class time is very convenient and I love that the full body workout changes daily so you don’t get bored with the workouts.
    - Jul 23, 2019 by Beth DeLaire
    - Jul 22, 2019 by Diane Williams
  • The exercises & community!
    - Jul 14, 2019 by Andrea "Madre" Meyers
  • Trainers
    - Jul 13, 2019 by J.J.W.
  • Wonderful bunch of people that help you exercise hard and stay health
    - Jul 11, 2019 by P.P.P.
  • Very flexible timing - quick work out
    - Jul 11, 2019 by G.G.
  • 30 minutes with direct training and supervision. No class times
    - Jul 10, 2019 by R.S.K.
  • In and out in 30 mins!! Full body workout!! And no treadmill!!!!
    - Jul 7, 2019 by Marni Foster
  • I love that I can just go whenever I want and I don’t have to wait for a class because I know they are ready and waiting for me.
    - Jul 4, 2019 by Naomi "Spike" Lupovitch
  • 30 minute workout that is diversified and intense. The place is clean and organized with helpful coaches. Great place to work out.
    - Jun 30, 2019 by B.L.
  • Everything and everyone is awsome!!
    - Jun 12, 2019 by Odette Miholca
  • The friendly environment is great! Everyone is supportive and friendly. I also like the layout and format of the workout. You get a whole body workout in 30 minutes.
    - Jun 5, 2019 by K.S.K.
  • Trainers and Slava, the owner!
    - May 20, 2019 by Julia Royzenblat
  • I love the staff and my 30 minute workout.
    - May 19, 2019 by L.L.K.
  • Love it!
    - May 13, 2019 by N.Y.
  • In and out a complete workout with trainers
    - May 10, 2019 by Igal Shaham
  • The place is just amazing, everyone greets you with your name and a smile on the face. The best 30 min full body workout. I highly recommend 9 round !!
    - May 9, 2019 by Mani Maheshwari
  • Best work out I've ever had. I love the personalized attention given by the trainers.
    - May 6, 2019 by R.E.
  • Full body workout
    - May 1, 2019 by Jayasurya "Vakiti" Vakiti
  • I like that it is a quick full body workout and I love the owner and fellow 9rounders.
    - Apr 23, 2019 by A.K.
  • The workouts & the trainers!!!
    - Apr 14, 2019 by Andrea "Madre" Meyers
  • My trainers and the 30 minute workout.
    - Apr 11, 2019 by Camilla "Deano" Liebold
  • Flexible start time
    - Apr 10, 2019 by G.G.
  • Warm and friendly people
    - Apr 8, 2019 by P.P.P.
  • The trainers customize your workout and they are all very friendly and welcoming. I also love that there is no class time.
    - Apr 7, 2019 by Beth DeLaire
  • Friendly staff Short and challenging workouts Trainers who push you the extra mile Nutritional guidance Clean ambience
    - Apr 4, 2019 by Ankit Chandrawat
  • Short intense workout.
    - Mar 27, 2019 by T.B.
  • I’ve been going to 9Round for about 3 years. Its the only gym I’ve ever joined that I’ve actually consistently gone to. I love everything about it there from the trainers to the workout. Try it for one week, you’ll be hooked.
    - Mar 24, 2019 by Melissa Brodsky
  • The drive and energy of its members. The management team motivation and genuine interest in its members individually and collectively. The music and workouts. It's never a dull moment at 9 Rounds in Farmington Hills. I love you guys!
    - Mar 23, 2019 by D.R.W.
  • Organized, kind yet firm in motivating us. The space is clean, and a well run operation.
    - Mar 22, 2019 by B.L.
  • We have a trainer who would be there to guide us with our exercises and the atmosphere is very energising and uplifts the spirit to push harder
    - Mar 11, 2019 by Kiranmai Kovvuri
  • Personal attention from the trainers, encouragement, the atmosphere, the workouts, the success stories, the progress, basically everything :)
    - Mar 9, 2019 by Dahvi Lupovitch
  • If you are willing to push yourself you can change your body with only 30 minutes a day. The trainers do a really good job making sure you are using the right form and not hurting yourself.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by J.P.C.
  • Owner! ;))
    - Jan 22, 2019 by J.R.
  • I love it all, the pace, the experience and the people. I feel like I’m actually getting a workout and it breezes by.
    - Jan 12, 2019 by S.N.N.
  • The owner and the trainers!
    - Jan 10, 2019 by Camilla "Deano" Liebold
  • no class times - I am able to jump inn at all times
    - Jan 9, 2019 by G.G.
  • Always a different workout! No class times!!
    - Jan 5, 2019 by Marni "Groot" Foster
  • The comfortable atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly
    - Jan 5, 2019 by S.T.
  • In the gym you have to motivate yourself to push yourself more but at 9rounds the trainers make sure you are motivated at all times. They are always so encouraging and they also correct you when your doing an exercise incorrectly.
    - Nov 7, 2018 by A.K.A.
  • The results, with the fast and efficient workouts; along with it fitting into my schedule! The trainers help push & encourage me too. I have been going for more than 2 years and I still want to go!! I learn something new almost every time, amazing.
    - Oct 12, 2018 by Andrea "Madre" Meyers

About the team

  • Slava <span class="nick-name">"The Russian"</span> Royzenblat
    Slava "The Russian" Royzenblat
    Slava lives in the West Bloomfield area with his wife and three children. He has been in fitness industry for over 15 years and always loved fitness and promoted healthy living. He truly enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals, has a genuine desire to support people and has a compassionate, yet helpful attitude in dealing with this sometimes sensitive subject. Through education, exercise, and a healthy diet Slava assists people in reaching their all-time best by improving overall health and wellness. He is very passionate about what he does, and believes his experience and ability to connect with others will help get Michigan and America fit, 9 Rounds at a time!
  • Mark  <span class="nick-name">"The Killer"</span> Royzenblat
    Mark "The Killer" Royzenblat
    Mark has always been active throughout his life including playing hockey for 6 years and going through the ranks of exercise with Slava. As a trainer he enjoys helping out people and having a motivational attitude towards people so that they can achieve their fitness goals. Mark loves playing guitar, long boarding, and spending time outside. His favorite round is round 8 because of the absolute precision, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination needed to correctly do the speed bag.
  • Dayna <span class="nick-name">"Day"</span> Guerreso
    Dayna "Day" Guerreso
    I was always into fitness and ran marathons and won body building contests. But I started seriously getting into fitness when I joined 9Round in February 2014. From my first day my lifestyle changed for the better and I started learning as much as I could about good nutrition and fitness. I have always loved helping others and enjoyed my own experience so much I decided being a trainer and learning even more could not only benefit myself, but others as well. My favorite round is Round 7. I love the variety of exercises you can do on the horizontal bag; from shin kicks to donkey kicks to bag pushes. My favorite 30 sec exercise is holding V....that's a total lie!! Haha it's really squat kicks or criss cross feet or knee ups or plank or push-ups. I like them all, except holding V ;)
  • Xuening <span class="nick-name">"Char"</span> Pan
    Xuening "Char" Pan
    9Round is great, I think is the best place to work out. Everyone here is friendly and you can meet lot of new people, and make new friends. You only have to workout for 30 min a day, but it feels like 2 HRs. Slava, Sonya and Mark are very nice people. I started working out 1 year ago. My favorite round is round 4 and 5, because I like to punch and kick. So we welcome you to come and workout with us!
  • Hanna <span class="nick-name">"Havoc"</span> Lupovitch
    Hanna "Havoc" Lupovitch
    My favorite round is 8 because I love the sound of the speed bag! My favorite 30-second exercise is quick feet because I like that it brings up people's heartrates! I have been a member at 9Round for more than 1 year and I love the team here, and I am excited to be a part of it!
  • Dahvi  <span class="nick-name">"Raven"</span> Lupovitch
    Dahvi "Raven" Lupovitch
    Dahvi "Raven" Lupovitch is a senior at Groves High School. She loves her four dogs, the X-Men, and 9Round! Dahvi loves to help people develop skills, accomplish goals, and reach their full potential. Dahvi's favorite round is Round 5 because shin kicks and upper cuts on the wrecking ball make her feel strong and powerful. She is very excited to be working out and training at 9Round in order to help others and herself grow stronger and healthier.

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