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The need for speed….At 9Round Fitness

Drew Brashier

If you have ever seen any king of boxing movie, or training video, you have inevitably seen a montage of fighters using a speed bag. The speed bag is definitely a fan favorite. It also happens to be one of the toughest bags to master.

Where a heavy bag helps to improve power, a speed bag helps to improve skill. In order to properly work a speed bag, you have to have speed and rhythm. The level of hand-eye coordination is also very important when utilizing this bag. Speed bag work is also a great arm and shoulder workout. Unlike a heavy bag, the speed bag is not about hitting with power. It requires a little bit of a lighter more focused approach. The great thing about the speed bag is that you get immediate response. If you are not hitting it properly, it doesn’t work properly. The other great thing is that you see the results quickly. You may struggle with it for days or weeks, but you will quickly see improvements in your ability to keep the rhythm. It is not uncommon to struggle one day and walk in and be able to make it purr the very next day. Sometimes it just clicks.

There are several different sizes of bags. The size directly correlates to the bag speed and the level of difficulty. The smaller bags are obviously faster and much more difficult to hit. These help to give even the best person a challenge. By changing up the speed bag size you can insure that you are continually changing up the workout.

Being honest, most people just enjoy the speed bag because you can look really cool when you are hitting it. When you are finally able to hit the bag consistently, you can’t help but feel a little bit like Rocky.

Check out 9Round – Spartanburg trainer, Kenny, showing his speed bag skills.