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Three Common Fitness Mistakes That May Lead to an Injury


    Exercise is good for us. It helps us stay fit and healthy and keeps our bodies in peak condition. However, as always, there is a chance that we may injure ourselves. Is the fact that we may hurt ourselves while exercising enough to make us stray from our fitness routines? The answer should always be no.  Honestly,you can get hurt doing anything. Does this mean you can’t ever workout at an intense pace? No way! Simply staying focused while you exercise and avoiding these three simple mistakes will make you feel more at ease.



  1. Doing too much, too fast. It is easy to become overly excited about trying out a new fitness     routine. You want to go in and give it your all; however, this is not the best way to approach your new fitness routine. When you do not give your body the chance to slowly adapt to the new movements and the fast pace of a new fitness routine you put yourself at a higher risk of injury. You need to allow your body the time needed to adapt to your fitness routine, so you should ease slowly into it. At 9round our certified trainers will ensure you start and stay at an appropriate pace during each workout.

  2. Doing the same thing over and over. When you do the same fitness routine over and over, you could actually be overworking a certain group of muscles. Lets say you jog everyday. It is your go to form of exercise. You could be challenging the same group of muscles over and over while neglecting others, which could cause you to have an injury and wear down your cartilage. You may also become easily bored and lose focus, and  we all know that when we lose focus it is easy to make a mistake that will lead to an injury. Therefore, you should have a fitness routine that has an assortment of many different types of movements that can be rotated from time to time. At 9round the workout changes daily so boredom is never a concern.

  3. Not following the proper technique. It is extremely important to follow the proper     technique for every exercise you perform. If you drop your posture, step the wrong way or twist when you are not supposed to, you will most likely injure yourself. It may be more difficult following the proper technique when you first start a fitness routine, and that is why a 9Round Trainer will start you out with the basic moves and incorporate more complex moves later as you progress.They’ll show you how to position your feet and the like during kicks so that all you’re putting a strain on is your FAT! Keep in mind, even as you progress in your fitness routine, you still have to remain focused on your form. With the Certified Trainer provided at 9round at every workout, you’ll always have someone who can supervise your fitness progress and ensure that you are performing every move properly.

    Staying fit and healthy may seem to  require a lot of hard work, but in the end it is worth it. Do not let the fear of an injury stop you from achieving your goals. The benefits associated with exercising far outweighs the chance of injury for most of us. All you have to do is stay focused on your routine and stay away from the common mistakes, and you will remain injury free.