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Say Goodbye to Back Fat!

Say Goodbye to Back Fat!

I find one of the most difficult parts of my body to tone is my back. All I want is a sexy back with a pair of sculpted arms. Is that so much to ask? Although both men and women desire to get rid of back fat, I believe women notice it more due to that annoying bra bulge! Unfortunately, targeting a specific body part to burn fat doesn’t work, but there are many ways to strengthen each part of your body to give your body the overall look you want to achieve. Strong back muscles are key to an overall defined look, and they are your best defense against pain and injuries for years to come. Here are some great exercises to help strengthen your back and get rid of that fat! 



Pull-ups are one of those exercises that you just love to hate. Most people avoid performing this exercise because it’s just “hard to do,” and I completely agree. Pull-ups are a great exercise because it tones and sculpts all of the different muscles in your back. If you can’t perform a normal pull-up, you’re not alone! There are a few ways you can modify this exercise and still get a great workout for your back. 


Assisted Pull-Up Machine
These machines are pretty simple to use, and most of them will have pictures to help show you how to properly use them. These machines use counterbalance weights, which means the higher the weight you set the machine, the easier the exercise becomes. 


Inverted Rows
Start by positioning a bar on a rack to about weight height. (A Smith machine can also be used.) 
Position yourself hanging beneath the bar with a wider than shoulder width grip. 
Your body should be straight with your heels on the floor and arms fully extended. 
Flex your elbows and pull your chest towards the bar, and retract your shoulder blades while performing this movement. 


Negative Pull-Ups
I absolutely love this exercise. In fact, this method is how I learned to perform a normal pull-up! I practiced my negative pull-ups every day at home, and my back gradually got stronger and stronger. Now I am able to complete two or three sets of pull-ups with 1-2 repetitions! To perform a negative, you need to use something to stand on and hoist yourself up into the end pull-up position against the bar. Then slowly lower your body down in a controlled movement. 


Renegade Rows 
While performing this exercise, be sure to keep your shoulder blades down and together with your core engaged the entire time! 
Place two 15-20 lb. dumbbells on the floor about shoulder width apart. 
Get into pushup position while using the dumbbells to support your upper body. 
Push one dumbbell into the floor and lift the other dumbbell, pulling it to your side. 
Then lower the dumbbell to the floor and repeat the exercise with the dumbbell in the opposite hand. 
Do a few repetitions to get the best results. 


Lateral Raise 
This exercise is GREAT for your upper back and also targets your shoulders. Be sure to use a fairly light weight when performing lateral raises! 
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent at about 45 degrees at your waist. 
Slowly raise your arms to your side and bring them back down. (Keep your arms straight!)


Back Extensions
A strong lower back will reduce your risk of injury to your vertebral discs. Try this exercise to help strengthen your lower back and work your core at the same time! 
Lie face-down on a mat or a well-padded floor. 
Place your arms straight by your sides, palms up,  and forehead facing the floor. 
Place the tops of your feet flat against the floor. 
Slowly lift your head and shoulders off of the floor, lifting your arms, and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for 5 seconds. 
Always remember the number of repetitions for every exercise is not important! Practice perfect form with your exercises to get the most out of your workout!