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N112W16510 Mequon Road
Germantown, Wisconsin 53022


  • Brian is a great instructor and customized the program to fit my ability. I great a great workout that’s based on my strength and endurance.
    - Aug 16, 2019 by K.B.
  • 10 for sure. Love the fast pace work out Definitely love you can show up and just jump in. And best of all its ONLY 30 MINUTES
    - Aug 8, 2019 by J.M.
  • It's only 30 minutes It's a full body work out The trainers are amazing
    - Aug 3, 2019 by jennifer setterlun
  • It’s upbeat, it’s motivating and it’s only a little over 30 minutes!
    - Jul 26, 2019 by J.N.
  • Brian Szohr is the absolute best trainer ever!!!!. No matter how old you are he makes sure you get the best workout and he truly cares about his members!! He is very supportive and helps you stay motivated. I love 9rounds!!!
    - Jul 25, 2019 by carol potvin
  • The workouts are different each visit. Its Nice getting a little pad work in each time as well. I like that the owner is on site all the time. 30 min in and out!
    - Jul 25, 2019 by Lucas Edmonds
  • Best trainers, Brian Szohr is a fabulous motivator, trainer & extremely knowledgeable about what he does! The 30 minute workouts without any class times is a huge draw for me!
    - Jul 24, 2019 by T.G.
  • Great workout in only 30 minutes! Trainers are great and 9round members are fun to work out with.
    - Jul 22, 2019 by H.B.
  • All of it
    - Jul 21, 2019 by K.L.
  • The trainers are so friendly and willing to help! Love that there is a new workout each day and I don’t have to think about anything before I go to the gym. I love the energy and encouragement that comes along with the workout. 9Round is the only workout program I have ever stuck with!
    - Jul 18, 2019 by Kaitlyn Booz
  • Flexible schedule, great workout and awesome trainers, especially Brian!
    - Jul 17, 2019 by B.Z.
  • Challenging, fun and quick!
    - Jul 17, 2019 by S.M.
  • 9-Round Germantown, WI is AWESOME. Brian Szohr does a phonemail job and 5 years later, I believe 9-Round is a big part of me keeping the 40+ lbs off that I lost.
    - Jul 14, 2019 by Bryan Niketh
  • Love the great workout and that it’s only 30 minutes.
    - Jul 12, 2019 by Theresa Schroeder
  • It’s a full body work out in 30 minutes. No class time.
    - Jul 12, 2019 by A.W.
  • The dedication of the trainers and the intensity of my workouts!
    - Jul 10, 2019 by Jackie Torcivia
  • It’s a great workout and Brian has done a great job.
    - Jul 10, 2019 by J.P.
  • No class times - I can workout whenever it works best in my day. Love trainer Brian. He pushes me to do my best and always makes sure my form is correct so that I don’t hurt myself! I can’t see myself working out any other place!!
    - Jul 9, 2019 by Niki Mies
  • Great trainer..no class times
    - Jul 7, 2019 by Patrick Walter
  • Variety!
    - Jul 7, 2019 by S.G.
  • Different every day
    - Jul 6, 2019 by Jana Kegley
  • Convenience with no class times Experienced trainer support Owner, Brian Szohr genuinely cares about his members and runs a fun and clean gym!
    - Jul 4, 2019 by cynthia tuszkiewicz
  • 30 minutes just flies by
    - Jun 28, 2019 by J.G.
  • Always feel better after a workout. The trainers are excellent and so motivating.
    - Jun 24, 2019 by J.D.
  • Can workout almost any time
    - Jun 14, 2019 by S.R.
  • It’s a fast, fun full body workout and the trainers in Germantown are awesome!
    - Jun 14, 2019 by Greg Scherf
  • I love that it’s a different workout every day so there’s no boredom. I also love that the trainer helps you work around injuries (I’ve had a few) and still gives you a great workout. It’s fun and there’s no class time so you can just jump in.
    - Jun 14, 2019 by A.L.
  • Flexibility and someone on hand all the time
    - Jun 13, 2019 by K.R.
  • I can workout when it fits my schedule.
    - Jun 4, 2019 by K.K.
  • The staff is awesome! Love this place.
    - May 29, 2019 by E.W.
  • We are given a goal to complete, yet we are also able to work at our own pace.
    - May 10, 2019 by E.B.
  • Quick work out with exceptional results!
    - May 1, 2019 by angela blanchard
  • It’s a fast and effective workout, with convenient hours to my schedule. The staff and trainers at Germantown, WI are great!
    - Apr 26, 2019 by B.M.
  • I enjoy that it's only 30 minutes, that it hits every single part of your body everyday, and that it changes everyday. It's just fun and you feel like you worked hard.
    - Apr 22, 2019 by J.S.
  • Quick, no set times, full body workout, in and out in no time, helpful and positive trainers
    - Apr 19, 2019 by Jamie Kargus
  • I love the fact I can go whenever it's convenient for me. Also keeps me motivated and full of energy all day!!... a great way to relieve stress and most importantly.......It's fun!!!! Brian Szohr of Germantown 9rounds is the best trainer/owner... always puts his members first!!!!!
    - Apr 19, 2019 by C.P.
  • Brian is awesome, always there to motivate and teach!
    - Apr 19, 2019 by W.W.
  • No scheduled class times, awesome hands-on trainers, varied exercises
    - Apr 15, 2019 by T.G.
  • I like the fact that there are no set workout times. I can walk in, get my stuff on and get to it. I also love the fact that each workout is different.
    - Apr 15, 2019 by reed noel
  • It's a workout I don't want to miss! Brian is a great owner and trainer, he hires like trainers who make the atmosphere fun and challenging! It works!
    - Apr 14, 2019 by jacqueline jaske
  • 30 minutes, great workout, everyday new exercises. Positive trainers. Willing to show how to do each round properly. Friendly, welcoming environment. Truly nice people!! Seeing results!!! Thank you
    - Apr 12, 2019 by B.S.
  • The trainers!
    - Apr 12, 2019 by T.W.
  • The best 30 min workout ever!! The support I get from the trainer and others working out is amazing. I have never felt stronger!!
    - Apr 10, 2019 by Amanda Reinemann
  • Hitting and punching bags, kicking and sweating.
    - Apr 9, 2019 by Jana Kegley
  • The trainer....flexible times...the work out is awesome! Everything!
    - Apr 5, 2019 by B.Z.
  • Variety of workouts! Trainers are helpful and supportive.
    - Apr 5, 2019 by M.W.
  • Great workout and it’s only 30 minutes out of your day.
    - Apr 5, 2019 by Ann Woodruff
  • Love 9round. Has a class like feeling, without the constraints of having to show up at certain times. There is always an instructor there to help you and you get a complete body workout in just 30 minutes. I’ve never felt stronger.
    - Apr 3, 2019 by A.R.
  • Great workout with fantastic coach in only 30 minutes
    - Mar 28, 2019 by R.U.
  • It's on my own time so I never have to worry about missing the start of a class. I can work at my own pace, yet, the trainers push me to work harder when they know I can. Every member is welcoming and encouraging. Quick yet efficient workout.
    - Mar 22, 2019 by Brianna Weissman

About the team

  • Brian <span class="nick-name">"Bruiser"</span> Szohr
    Brian "Bruiser" Szohr
    As owner and head trainer at 9Round Germantown I go out of my way to make sure everyone no matter the age or fitness level is getting the best workout! Stop in and give us a try! You will not be disappointed!
  • Kris  Salzbrun
    Kris Salzbrun
    As a child, I wanted to be either a Gym teacher or an Artist.Those were the only 2 subjects I received "A's" in....and now today I get to have the best of both worlds. It's such an awesome feeling to be able to watch our members set and reach their goals in such a short period of time!!! I believe having great customer service is very important!!! We take the time to listen to our members... and that is why we will continue to grow!
  • Lou   Grossi
    Lou Grossi
    I had the opportunity to join 9Round Germantown when it first opened and have enjoyed the journey. So much so that after a year as a member, the gym was in need of someone to assist with training and I jumed at the chance. After 5 years it has been a thrill to not only being a member of the 9Round Germantown gym but also a member of the 9Round Germantown family.
  • Sophia  Cook
    Sophia Cook
    Sophia Cook just joined the 9Round team with a new enthusiasm for detail and love for the brand! Come get your butt kicked!