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5 Tips Successful Dieters Faithfully Follow

We have all been there. We look into the mirror and see exactly what we don't want to see. Look at the flab right there or that extra little pooch on my stomach. How did I let myself go? Then we come to that dreaded decision. Oh, how we must go on a diet right now to lose all this extra fat. However. As most of us will soon find out a diet may not be the simple solution we are looking for. It may end up being just another way to look down on ourselves and berate ourselves for gaining weight in the first place. So, how do all of those successful dieters do it? They make it look so easy and simple. They lose weight and tone their bodies, while we gain weight and punish ourselves. Well, we are here to help. Below you will find some of the best habits many successful dieters follow to a tee.



  1. Throw out the word diet. The word itself has such a derogatory meaning. You do not want to go on a diet. No one looks forward to starving themselves and denying themselves their favorite foods. Your best option is to still clear of diets altogether and try to eat healthier, as a whole. This means no going on and off your diet but trying to eat a more well rounded diet with less calories and fat. This way your weight will not yo yo up and down as you go on and off your diets.

  2. Do not FOCUS on denying yourself. Dieting may cause you to stay away from some of your favorite foods, and this will have you hating anything associated with dieting. Also, following a diet that swears if you cut out carbs, or fat, is extremely misleading. Our bodies need carbs and fat to survive. In the end these types of diets will only cause you and your body more harm than good, so I would steer clear of any diets that offer results by eliminating certain types of food.

  3. Don’t starve yourself! Many people assume that if we just eat less then the weight will magically fall off. This could not be any further from the truth. You need sustenance to live. You can not expect your body to function on nothing. You have to eat a certain number of calories a day to fuel your body, and your body needs the vitamins and minerals necessary to remain healthy. Also, if you decide to starve yourself, your body will go into survival mode, and you will end up storing fat, which in turn will make it harder for you to turn fat into muscle and lose the excess weight.

  4. Do not live and die by the scale. A lot of dieters become overly focused on the scale and miss all the good that a healthy diet is doing for them. They may feel healthier, have better complexions and more energy but miss it because they are too focused on that number on the scale. Remember it is okay to look at the scale every now and then, but if you are hopping on it every fifteen minutes, then you may be weighing yourself too much. This can also hurt your confidence because you are surely not going to see a big drop in weight if you are weighing yourself multiple times a day.

  5. Do not forget to incorporate a consistent fitness routine into your regular schedule. You can not expect to lose weight by only dieting. If you do, you will surely be disappointed. You have to have some sort of physical activity to go along with your diet in order to get the results that you want. Through exercise you will be able to shape and tone your body as you are losing weight and feeling healthier through your new well-rounded diet.


Dieting can cause many of us to cringe; however, if you can take the negativity away from the word diet, you may be able to find a nice middle ground that allows you to eat better and achieve a better body.