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How to Workout and Get in Some Spring Cleaning

The sun is out and the birds are chirping. The plants are blooming and there is warmth in the air. This can only mean one thing, spring is upon us. It is time to shed those winter layers and get out into the world. It is also the time that many of us like to get our houses in order, which is also known as spring cleaning. You can actually maximize your time by getting your house and body ready for spring at the same time.


  • Dusting and polishing. This can be an easy chore to overlook. So, when you do it, why not go all in and make up for the time lost? Light dusting can burn around 170 calories per hour, but if you go all in, you know the more intense cleaning and scrubbing, you can burn approximately 204 calories per hour.

  • Scrub the bathroom. This is one of my most hated chores, but you have to do it. So, why not turn up the music and get it over with? You can burn up to 231 calories an hour just by cleaning your bathroom and probably work in some light stretching just by trying to clean those hard to reach areas.

  • Sweep the floors. A lot of people probably use a vacuum cleaner because they have     carpet or it is easier for them, but you can always sweep the garage, patio or the driveway. You can burn 272 calories per hour by sweeping, and you can increase this amount if you try to get all those nooks and crannies. Don't forget you can also use your broom     to knock down those pesky cobwebs.

  • Clean the floors. This is a great follow up exercise to sweeping the floors. You can get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. Try to get rid of all those stubborn stains stuck in those hard to clean places, and you can burn around 258 calories an hour.

  • Rearrange. Everyone loves to give their house a new look for spring. They like to move the furniture around, add new home decor, and get rid of old home decor. Take advantage of all this lifting and moving. The more steps you take the better, so do not hurry yourself too much. You     could burn around 240 calories per hour just by reorganizing your house.

  • Iron your clothes. Once you have rearranged your house, you can rearrange your closet.     It is time to pull all those hidden clothes out of the back of your closet and give them a good ironing. So, turn on some loud music and pull out that ironing board, and know that you can burn approximately 156 calories per hour ironing all your clothes.

  • Vacuum the floor. As we said earlier, sweeping helps you burn 272 calories an hour;     however, vacuuming only burns 238 calories an hour. It is just a little less, but many of us have carpets and have no choice. However, you can try to up the calories burned by walking around as much as you can and vacuuming the couches and the pillows.


    The next time you feel bad or get down on yourself for not having the time to visit the gym, remember you can burn calories just by doing your housework. However, you should not think that all you have to do to stay in shape is clean your house. It can give you a great workout, but you still need to visit the gym every now and then to get in some different forms of exercise and add some excitement to your routine.