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109 W Stone Ave Suite E4
Greenville, South Carolina 29609

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Derek "Zeus" Mauk
    Derek was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. He has always had a passion for fitness. The 9Round team is a perfect fit for Derek, because together we are able to help other people reach their fitness goals. Derek wants to help people become better versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives, starting in the gym--nine rounds at a time! Favorite kickboxing move: Hooks
  • 9Round trainer
    Hannah "DeathStar" Largent
    Hannah was born and raised in Texas where she lived a very active lifestyle taking care of the many animals and chores around the ranch. Hannah moved to Greenville 12 years ago and was thrown into sports at school. Her favorite sports are volleyball and soccer. She played high school varsity volleyball for 3 years then sports died down and she started working. Hannah had various jobs most of which were in costumer service. She passed 9Round gym constantly on my way to work and always wanted to see what it was like. Hannah was so excited when I finally joined the team. She loves working in the 9Round atmosphere. It is exciting, fun, productive and sometimes crazy. Hannah loves having a job where she can help make other people's lives better. Favorite kickboxing move: Shin Kicks
  • 9Round trainer
    Andrea "Wonder Woman" King
    Andi is a Greenville native with a passion for fitness and helping others. She has been with the 9Round family since 2015, and absolutely loves it! She loves helping to empower others to be the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally. When not in the gym, she's busy being a mother, artist, and coffee connoisseur. Favorite kickboxing move: Jab, Cross, Combo
  • 9Round trainer
    Emily "Sapphire" Vanaman
    Emily was born and raised in Michigan, and shortly after high school came to Greenville for college and to be close to her two older sisters and their families. Emily has a degree in Business and Computer Science from Liberty University. Her experience with 9Round started in 2012 as a member. Since then, she has gained physical and mental strength, and has learned to have discipline for all areas of life because of 9Round. Emily has watched the 9Round mission improve the quality of so many lives, that she decided to become a part of that same mission this year! Emily have a wonderful husband, who is also a 9Round member. Together, they have a Great Dane and Lab mix. They love doing just about anything outdoors, especially if the sun is shining. Emily is so excited to meet you all and give you the tough love that makes us STRONGER! Favorite kickboxing move: Front Kicks
  • 9Round trainer
    Imani "Mani" King
    Mani is a student at Furman University, studying marketing and business. She has been a member for many years, and recently joined the 9Round team as a trainer. Mani loves the 9Round atmosphere and the mission behind it. She loves being a part of a company that is based our of her home town. #9RoundLife Favorite kickboxing move: Round Kicks
  • 9Round trainer
    Shayla "Archnemesis" Gibson
    Shayla is a senior in high school and can not wait to graduate. Shayla loves fitness and is very passionate for helping others to grow more confident in themselves, the same way she has since joining the 9Round team. Favorite kickboxing move: Knees
  • 9Round trainer
    Koen "KoKo" Witherrite
    Standing in the red corner, towering over his opponent at 6’2 , weighing in at 210lbs, KOKO! Born a Pisces in Frankfurt, Germany, Koen traveled the world with the intention of being bigger, quicker and stronger with each and every passing day. His whole life has been spent building and helping people--c.onsisting of construction, brick masonry, wild land fire fighting, and active military. #GoArmy He is currently going to school for Human health and Performance. Along with the muscles, quickness and agility, he is here to help and assist people in achieving their goals and ambitions while building relationships and trust through hard work and dedication. Favorite kickboxing move: Uppercuts “We may only fight for nine rounds at a time, but we train for a lifetime. “
  • 9Round trainer
    Carolina "SQ-KILLER" Cardona
    Carolina a.k.a SQ-KILLLER, was born in Colombia. The second day she set a foot in the States, about two years ago, her husband took her to 9Round where she completely fell in love. She started as a member, then became a trainer. Carolina has a degree in Foreign Languages Education, from her country; she speaks Spanish, English, and French. While in University, Carolina practiced Soccer and Taekwondo, she loves being active and healthy. The most important goal for Carolina as a 9Round trainer and teacher is helping people reach their personal goals and to change lives. Favorite kickboxing move: Jumping Front Kicks
  • 9Round trainer
    Floyd "Black Panther" Bryant
    Floyd is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. He has always had a love for boxing and martial arts. Wanting to be able to protect himself if necessary, Floyd started learning to box at 13 years old at the Police Athletic League; and began learning Shokotan with a friend who had his own dojo at age 17! Floyd has a high level of energy and enthusiasm that comes with him every time he steps into the gym. Fitness has always played a part in Floyd's life, passed down from his mother who always encouraged him to take care of my health. Floyd was introduced to and started working at 9Round in October of 2016, and was promoted to manager in just six months. His love and care for encouraging others in this setting makes him the perfect fit for the 9Round brand! Floyd loves the fast pace and high energy found in he gyms! Favorite quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! -God Favorite kickboxing move: Right hook
  • 9Round trainer
    Darby "Sparkle Pony" Wilcox
    When Darby isn't at the gym, either working out or training, she is spending time on her music. Darby and the Peep Show is her band. She is an incredible musician, who is also very passionate about health and fitness--especially 9Round. Darby is very encouraging to her members, and loves seeing them reach their fitness goals. Favorite kickboxing move: Jab, Cross, Combo
  • 9Round trainer
    Shelby "Shelbeatz" Meddock
    Shelby moved to Greenville 3 years ago from her hometown of San Diego, CA. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology: Fitness, Nutrition and Health from San Diego State University. After college, Shelby worked in the corporate wellness field for 4 years, then realized she wasn’t quite fulfilled in life, and knew music was always her passion. So, she went back to school and received a degree in Audio Recording and Production from The Recording Arts Center. Shelby has worked in multiple recording studios out West, and has produced many records. Once moving to Greenville, she got into live sound and has worked at numerous music venues. Shelby currently work at The Firmament, where I am the head Sound Engineer. When she is not in the sound booth, I am training at 9 Round--where she loves encouraging members to live healthy lifestyles, to meet their goals! Favorite kickboxing move: Shin Kicks
  • 9Round trainer
    Hannah "One&Only" Sellers
    Hannah has always been very passionate about health and fitness, so the 9Round team has been a perfect fit for her. Hannah works full time at a chiropractic office, and works part time at 9Round. She enjoys pushing members to their full potential, and encouraging them to reach their fitness goals. Favorite kickboxing move: Front Kicks

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