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Don't live and die by the scale!

When you start working out at 9Round and using the 9Round Nutrition program, one of the first things you're probably going to do is jump right on the scale and see how you are progressing, although this is not the best idea! When you begin to get in better shape, your weight is not the best indicator of how you are progressing, but it is the best way to get really frustrated!  As your muscles get more hydrated by following 9Round Nutrition, the scale won't show whats most important, fat loss.  What you often don't realize is the other health benefits the scale won't show. Your blood sugar starts to lower, your strength and endurance begin to grow and not to mention how great you look with the inches you're losing!  Even if pounds aren't lost, you will see the results of all your hard work at 9Round every time you look in the mirror!