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Drop 10 Pounds Fast… Guaranteed!

Whoa! Stop the press. Can it be true? Well, in the words of Lee Corso...Not so fast! How many times do we see headlines like this whether it is for a diet, food fad, nutrition supplement, etc. Here is my number one suggestion when you see a headline that resembles anything like this; I want you to run… Fast and don't look back.   Reason being, headlines like this are setting you up to fail. Okay, let's try this on for size. I can easily do better than this. I could guarantee someone a fast 20-pound weight loss but I would never do such a thing. Why? Because it would have to be done by the unhealthiest, unsafe, calorie restrictive weight cutting methods and this is not good of course.   What we have to ask ourselves is the following. If all of these weight loss guarantees worked so well (and remember, our definition of "working" is achieving meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime, not temporary change) then why does a new one pop-up all of the time and why does the obesity rate continue to skyrocket? Right? This question is easily answered. Of course they don't work because if they did, there were only have to be one "fast weight loss method" and obesity would be eradicated. But this is not the case of course.   Here's what is true about most headlines like this. You probably will drop 10 pounds fast, guaranteed. But, there are other guarantees that these headlines are not telling you about. For example, you will also be guaranteed to quickly gain 10+ pounds right back. You will also be guaranteed to squash your own metabolism because of the extreme diet/weight cutting methods that you will have to adopt in order to drop this weight. You will also be guaranteed that you will never achieve meaningful and sustainable body composition results. Sure, you'll lose weight, but this is just temporary of course… Guaranteed.   Chasing such headlines is like chasing the next "get rich quick" gimmick. And this is exactly why we want to run and run fast and never look back when we see such weight loss guarantee headlines. You are about to be thrown into a perpetual frustration cycle of quick weight loss followed by quick weight gain and then in time, the inability to make any body composition improvements in the future.   This is why 9Round Nutrition is your key to success. And understand, we are defining "success" by achieving meaningful and sustainable results and not temporary weight loss followed by a weight gain.  9Round Nutrition is going to provide you with the information and knowledge that will allow you to develop a true nutrition lifestyle for a lifetime. You'll learn why a high eating frequency is so important for increased energy, increased ability to burn body fat, increased ability to perform better during your workday and workouts. You will learn the importance of nutrient timing as well as the proper balance of carbohydrate (yes, carbohydrates!)-protein-fat at every meal/snack. It is these 9Round Nutrition principles that will help to stabilize blood sugar, insulin and serotonin levels. By doing so, this can help assist in improving overall energy levels as well as helping to assist in minimizing food cravings.   So, let's go with this guarantee… If you are spot-on with your 9Round Nutrition, you are guaranteed to set your body up for success and to set your body up on the right path leading you to a nutrition lifestyle for a lifetime that can help assist you in achieving meaningful and sustainable results.   Sincerely, Dr. Rick Kattouf II 9Round Nutrition Coach 2x Best-Selling Author CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Inc CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Nutrition LLC