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One Small Victory At A Time!

One Small Victory At A Time!

You are ready and now is your time. You have set your sights on achieving some fantastic goals and you are ready to make some changes and begin a brand-new health & fitness and nutrition lifestyle. This is fantastic, what an exciting time. You will soon start to experience some amazing changes in terms of your energy levels, body composition change, mental acuity and much more.

Let's say an individual sets a goal to lose 50 pounds of body fat. This is a fantastic goal, no doubt. And let's fast-forward many months down the road where this individual has now lost 20 pounds of body fat which is absolutely amazing. The kudos and congratulations soon begin, for example; "You look amazing." "Congratulations, keep up the good work." These kind words from others are well earned. But with that being said, what do we tend to hear from the individual who has just lost the 20 pounds when they receive such kudos? Here's a very typical response, "Yes, but I still have 30 pounds to go."

Having coached individuals from more than 25 years, this response is very common. For body composition success to continue, I encourage each individual to celebrate every small victory; and losing 20 pounds of body fat is a victory for sure. All too often, individuals don't take the time to appreciate and enjoy their hard work and what they have accomplished. It can be very common for individuals to look beyond this and almost view the 20 pound loss as a negative, why? Because all they can see is that they have 30 pounds to go.

If you have been caught in this mindset before, no worries, it happens. From this point forward, let's start to change this mindset and let's start to celebrate one small victory at a time. Celebrating the 20 pound weight loss is a great thing and it should be celebrated. In no way does this mean the individual is satisfied or settling for a lesser goal, not even close. Rather, it took a lot of time, effort and energy to lose that 20 pounds, so let's celebrate that small victory and not overlook it.

Now, it goes without saying that "celebrating" does not mean that we go out and consume a 1000 calorie dinner consisting of steak, loaded potato adult beverages, etc.; no, not even close. Celebrating this success simply means acknowledging your own personal achievements; acknowledging your hard work, effort and energy. Give yourself a pat on the back, you earned it. But again, as mentioned above, that acknowledgment and that pat on the back you give yourself is not you settling for a lesser goal. It simply you saying, 'at-a-girl', and then you keep on keeping on with one small victory at a time.

Every goal we set is the peak of a mountain top and when we set these goals we are standing at the base of the mountain. Once you set your goal, I want you to take your eyes off of the mountaintop and simply look straight down. Because it is that next successful step that will move you one step closer to the mountaintop and each step is one small victory. Enjoy your successes and build from these and success will continue to find you.

Let's make greatness happen!

Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year