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Performance Enhancer: It Is Staring Right Back At You

Performance Enhancer: It Is Staring Right Back At You

One of the main goals for athletes is to perform better, faster and to recover quickly. And, when individuals analyze their performance, the first thought is that they need to do more, workout harder, more intense, etc., in order to improve performance. Sure, working out obviously plays a huge role in an athlete’s performance. When athletes do not perform at their best, the immediate, knee-jerk reaction is more workouts, harder workouts, more frequent workouts and more intense workouts. But, more often than not, the answer to improved performance and getting faster is not about working out. The "performance enhancer" is staring right back at the athlete.


Let's go with the "workout more and harder" mindset. The athlete is going to do all they can to add as much ‘horsepower’ as possible so that they can improve performance. Let's use a 6000-pound SUV as our example. We can put 600hp under the hood of this SUV, but there is still a limiter. And the limiter is the weight. Point being, an athlete that is overweight and carrying excess body fat, is going to have a limiter no matter how much they workout and how intense they work out. Now, what if we put that same 600hp under the hood of a 3000-pound sports car...ahh, now we have something.


If your goal is to improve performance, step in front of a mirror and examine who is looking back at you. If you see that person in the mirror is carrying excess weight and excess body fat, then the ultimate performance enhancer is staring right back at you and it does not have to do with working out more or working out harder. It is all going to come down to changing the composition of that body staring back at you. Therefore, while the workouts are important, let's take the focus off of the workouts. Because it's not more, harder and more intense that is going to improve performance. Rather, it's focusing on the right nutrition, changing that body composition, getting leaner and lighter; that will become the ultimate performance enhancer.


How exciting is it that you can improve your performance without having to workout more, harder and/or more intense? All it takes is a laser-like focus on eating right and fueling the body properly and focusing on body composition change. Always keep that 6000-pound SUV example in mind. No matter how much horsepower you add to this SUV, it will always be limited by weight. Let's take that limiter off and unleash the greatness within.


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year