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The Many Benefits of a Kickboxing Fitness Routine

Most of us start a fitness routine to lose weight or get back into shape. A kickboxing fitness routine can do this and so much more. It can make your mind, body and spirit feel so much better. Kickboxing can also give you some much needed knowledge in self-defense. You can achieve a lot of different benefits from just one fitness routine. There are many classes aimed at beginners, so you should not be afraid to try it out if you do not have any kickboxing experience. Most classes allow you to visit them before you actually sign up for them, so you can try it out before you commit. So, why not give kickboxing a chance?




Transform your body

Kickboxing combines many different types of movements that can workout all of the muscles in your body. Your legs are used for kicking and your arms for punching. Your core is engaged to help stabilize your movements. Your heart will be pumping in no time, and you get the added benefit of resistance training if you use the heavy bags or spar with a partner. You can achieve a full body workout just by participating in a kickboxing fitness routine. In as little as thirty minutes you can burn around 400 to 500 calories. This will give you a lot of fat burning potential. In just a short period of time you should be able to notice a more toned and shaped body.


Emotional and mental benefits

A kickboxing fitness routine can not only make you look better but can also make you feel better. Endorphins, natural chemicals found in the body, are released during your fitness routine. They give you a natural feel good feeling that can be known to last for hours after your fitness routine. Kickboxing is also a great way to combat the stresses of the day. You can kick and punch away all your pent up frustrations on a heavy bag in a controlled and safe environment. It can feel great to have the chance to release some aggression when we know that no one, including ourselves, will actually get hurt.


Learn some self-defense moves

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts and will teach you some basic self-defense moves. You will learn how to throw and even take a punch if you participate in the sparring aspect of kickboxing. You will learn how to properly perform kicks, a flawless fighting stance, how to fend off attacks and how to increase your reaction time. Just knowing that you may be a little more prepared than your attacker may realize should make you feel a little more at ease. It can be a huge weight off of your shoulders knowing that if the situation arises you have some training to fall back on.


A kickboxing fitness routine has a lot to offer. It is one of the best ways to lose weight and achieve the body of your dreams. It can boost your mood and relieve any pent up stress you may have. There are even studies that shows that kickboxing can help fight anxiety and depression. It is also a lot of fun. So, you will never get bored and will always look forward to your next fitness routine. It is the perfect way for many of us to stay fit and healthy.