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The Unbeatable Man

I recently began reading a book by Matt Furey called “The Unbeatable Man”.  In the book Matt begins by talking about his high school wrestling career.  He goes into great detail about his drive and determination to become a champion. He talks about the times he would work out and practice when everyone else would go home.  He spoke about how he would always eat the right things and maintain his weight even during the off season.  He goes even further to talk about the one match that made all of the difference in his wrestling career.  At the big tournament, he was to face last year’s champion.  This was a match seemed to everyone to be pre-determined.  No one believed Matt had a chance to win.  Not his family, his friends, or even his coach.  Nobody, except for Matt that is.  He refused to believe that he would not be champion he refused to lay down and accept the fact that this man was better than him.  He was determined that he would defeat the unbeatable man.  He refused to quit or to let anyone tell him that it couldn’t be done.


On the flip side of the coin, his opponent knew he was supposed to win.  He knew he was the best and that he had already mentally defeated all of his competition.  He did not count on the determination of the underdog.  To make a long story short Matt is able to defeat the champion in the biggest upset of the year.  Here is the thing… He didn’t win because he was better…he wasn’t.  He didn’t win because he was stronger… he wasn’t that either.  He won because he was unwilling to give up and accept defeat.  That combined with the champs complacency led to a victory that no one would have ever predicted.


So what does that have to do with you?  Everything!  You had a goal when you began your fitness routine.  If you are like me, you have had ups and downs.  But like Matt, you have to have laser like focus and determination.  Being healthy and in shape is not always easy.  If it was, we would all have a six pack.  You have to remember your goals and not let anyone convince you that it is too hard, or that it can’t be done; including yourself!  You also have to remember that reaching your goal is not always the end of your journey.  You have to set new goals and always strive to improve.  Don’t fall into the same trap as the champ in the book.  Don’t let complacency allow you to be defeated and lose what you have worked so hard to accomplish.



Be determined… be focused…. be driven…. Be unbeatable!