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What's The Rush? Remain Patient for Big Results!

What's The Rush? Remain Patient for Big Results!

It's understandable that individuals want fast results when it comes to body composition change. And, I'm sure you've heard 100 times before, "the excess body weight and body fat did not go on overnight, therefore, it's not going to come off overnight." This is so true; therefore, we have to say it for the 101st time. As repetitive as this statement may be, it is as true as it gets.

Let's take an individual that has put on excess body weight and body fat.  They decide it's time to take control and personal responsibility for their overall health and fitness and they start to engage in a fantastic 9Round fitness and nutrition program. No matter how long they have had this excess weight and body fat, the minute they start to change their nutrition and start working out, they jump on that scale expecting to see immediate results. In addition, individuals will tend to set pretty firm timeline goals such as, "I have to lose 50 pounds in the next three months." Not only are many of these timeline goals extremely unrealistic, but also setting timeline goals like this (while it may seem productive) can end up sabotaging ones results.

Here is what I ask each individual, "What's the rush?" I realize you had had this excess body weight and body fat for some time and I also realize that you now want to strip it off. And, I also realize that you have engaged in a very good nutrition and fitness program. But I still ask, "What's the rush?" Whether an individual reaches their body composition goal and 6, 12, 18, 24 months, it does not matter either way from a timeframe perspective, why? Because guess what; if this individual wants to continue to maintain the body composition goal they achieved, what do they need to do to maintain these results? The answer is very simple; they need to continue to do exactly what they did to arrive at this goal, make sense?

 There is no finish line; there is no cruise control; that is if we want to continue to maintain our results. Let's say, for example, a runner has a goal to run a 25 minute 5K and let's say this runner achieves this goal. What does the runner have to do to maintain this type of level of performance? They need to continue to do exactly what they've been doing or this goal will not remain a reality. A business owner can't grow their business to a certain level and then just stop because if they do, results will not remain, make sense?

 This is never truer then when it comes to body composition change. Achieving one's goals is not the finish line; rather, this is just the starting line. All too often, individuals set these very tight timeline goals to achieve their body composition numbers because they think they can then stop and go back to their previous lifestyle. Well, they can do this; they're just not going to maintain any results of course.

In summary, let's always keep in mind that there is never, ever a finish line to achieving and maintaining an amazing body composition. This is called a lifestyle for reason because it is a lifestyle for a lifetime. So, take the pressure off, don't rush the process and enjoy every step of the journey. Remain patient and you will achieve more amazing results than you could ever imagine.

Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year