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5 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Endurance

Your fitness routine relies a lot on you improving your endurance. Endurance is the thing that allows you to exercise at a certain intensity or for a certain period of time, and in order for you to keep seeing the results that you want, you know you will have to gradually increase the intensity and the length of your fitness routine. Therefore, it is pretty clear that if you want to steadily increase the intensity and length of your routine, then you will have to work on increasing your endurance. Here we will examine a few surefire ways to help you steadily improve your endurance and keep getting those results that you want.



  1. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Most of us believe that in order to improve our endurance, we have to work nonstop. However, if you do not allow your body the chance to recuperate, you will actually be doing more harm than good. You want to have fresh and invigorated muscles that are ready to take on whatever you can throw at them, and the only way to get these is to take some rest breaks in between your tougher workouts and get plenty of sleep. Feeling nice and rested can help you farther in your fitness routine than you ever thought.

  2. Consume the proper fuel. You have to have the right fuel to get you through your workout. This means you have to eat right before and after your workout. There are many studies that show that a mix of carbs and lean protein can give your endurance a boost and reduce muscle damage. However, you have to remember that the amount of optimal carbs and protein varies from person to person, so you may need to experiment with how much with your pre and post workout meals in order to find the best fit for you.

  3. Try Circuit Training. Circuit training is switching exercises back and forth while working the entire body at once. This has been proven to quickly increase your endurance and takes less time than traditional exercise. Switch to circuit training and see how much your endurance will grow.

  4. Try adding some resistance training to your routine. Improving your endurance is much easier if you add some variety to your routine, and strength training is the perfect way to do this. Strength and resistance training can give your body an extra push and help you to easily increase your endurance. Resistance training is known to strengthen not only our muscles but also our bones and tendons, which aides in improving our overall fitness. You could try incorporating some kettlebells, free weights or resistance bands into your cardio routine.

  5. Work smarter. There is a proper way to increase the length and intensity of your fitness routine, and that is slowly and gradually. Staying at a mid-high heart rate zone is the secret to this. Don’t be fooled into believing that an all out maximum heart rate is the best place to be if you want to improve your endurance. You should try to stay within a moderate heart rate zone and you’ll see a huge improvement in what you’re able to do.


All of us can benefit from increasing our endurance, but we have to go about it in the proper ways. If we try to do too much too fast, we will only end up hurting ourselves and having to start back from scratch. In order to get the most out of our workouts, we need to train smart and work hard to achieve the results that we want.