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Post-Workout Mistakes That May Slow Your Weight Loss Goals

    You may be hitting the gym regularly and dieting but still not get the results that you want. All of the time and hard work you seem to be putting in to achieve your weight loss goals just does not seem to be paying off and may cause you a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. These feelings can lead to you quitting your fitness routine and abandoning your weight loss goals. However, in the end you would definitely end up wasting the your time and effort you put into your fitness goals, and you would be unhappy and unhealthy. So, lets take a look at some of the ways our post-workout routines can sabotage our weight loss goals and how we can overcome them.


  1. You allow yourself too many rewards. It is easy to get sucked into this routine. You     just went through a vigorous and intense workout, so why not allow yourself and your sweet tooth the chance to enjoy a sweet reward. You earned it, right? While the occasional treat is fine and may help you stick to your routine and your diet, you need to remember moderation. If you continuously indulge then all you are doing is sabotaging your routine, your diet and your results. You should never find yourself relying over and over on the excuse of I just burned so many calories that means I can eat twice as much as usual and still get away with it. You should also remember there are other ways to reward yourself than just food.

  2. You do not stretch during your cooldown. Stretching is an important and necessary     part of any fitness routine, and the best time to stretch is during your cooldown. However, many people feel as if the cooldown is a big waste of time. They may be running short on time or want to workout even longer, so they feel as if they are doing better if they just skip the time allotted for their cooldown. This could be a very costly mistake. When you regularly skip your cool down stretching, you put yourself at a higher risk for injuries that may cause a lapse in your fitness routine or cause you to quit your fitness routine altogether, which will bring a sad and abrupt end to your weight loss journey.

  3. You rely on a sports drink to rehydrate you. A sports drink is a good option for     replenishing electrolytes and rehydrating after a long or intense fitness routine. However, if your routine was not that long or intense, a sports drink may have many unnecessary calories and a lot of excess sugar that you do not need. For shorter workouts it is     best to rehydrate with water, which can rehydrate you without the excess calories or sugar. It is best to save the sports drinks for workouts that are more intense and last for over an hour or if you happen to be working out in hotter temperatures.

  4. You do not eat after your fitness routine. It is important to refuel after your workout. Your body needs to repair and rebuild your muscles after a     workout, and refuelling allows you to effectively do this. You need to replace vital nutrients you may have used up during your fitness routine, so you need to look for foods that have a high nutritional value and avoid foods that have a high content of calories, fat and sugar. Because muscle burns more calories than fat, you should look for a snack that is high in proteins and carbohydrates for your post ritual workout snack in order to build up your muscle mass.

  5. You are not consistent. You congratulate yourself on a job well done for     your first workout, but you do not schedule the next one. It is an easy trap to fall into. You are happy that you made it through an entire routine, but you just do not find the time or the motivation to go back to the gym and keep exercising. The only way that you will receive the results that you want is if you form the habit of regularly exercising or going to the gym. You can not just exercise or visit the gym once in a while and expect to see results. So, you should never allow your celebration get in the way of scheduling your next workout.


    It can be hard to achieve our fitness goals yet so easy to sabotage them. We need to make sure all of our hard work and dedication we put into our weight loss journey pays off by ensuring that we do not fall into any of the many fitness sidelining traps. There are so many ways we can lose our motivation and give up on our fitness routines; therefore, the best way to stay on track is to learn the proper ways to achieve our fitness goals and research the many ways we can sabotage our weight loss goals. Armed with this information it will be easier to avoid these traps and become a weight loss success story.