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  • * Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


  • No pressure to be at a certain level of fitness in the beginning. Positive remarks and support during the 30 minutes.
    - Jan 16, 2019 by J.R.
  • The fact that I ca show up anytime and be done in 30 minutes.
    - Jan 16, 2019 by M.J.
  • It's a great workout that doesn't get boring.
    - Dec 28, 2018 by J.W.
  • Love the trainers! Love that I can show up at any time! Love to punch those bags too!
    - Sep 27, 2018 by Nacole bradley
  • Not being judged about my fitness level
    - Sep 21, 2018 by J.R.
  • I love that I can go anytime and get my 30 minute workout done. Having the flexibility to do this makes it much easier for me to get to go! Having a trainer there to guide me is awesome too, not like I have to make the workout plan too. Just show up, get wraps, gloves, and heat monitor on and sweat!
    - Sep 10, 2018 by Kim Dudley
  • I like how there is a trainer on hand showing you the different kickboxing and punching moves. The upbeat music is awesome to workout to also.
    - Sep 7, 2018 by G.W.
  • Employees are friendly, patient, and professional! Every time I walk through the door it feels like family! 9 Round has allowed me to start reaching my fitness goals while giving me confidence in myself I've never had! I feel strong, powerful, and energetic! I would recommend 9 Round to anyone! Give it a try with your first free session..you won't regret it!
    - Sep 5, 2018 by Candace Allen
  • I love the trainers. I enjoy the different workouts. I know it works because I have been over 500 times and I still get sore. Highly recommend this gym!
    - Aug 27, 2018 by Tommie Wyatt
  • Best workout I've ever done. I've burned more calories in 30 minutes than my prior workout that took more than an hour.
    - Jun 21, 2018 by S.Y.
  • love that the trainers are always willing to work with you on an exercise your having trouble with.
    - Jun 20, 2018 by Angie Stafford
  • I LOVE that I can go at a time that is good for me instead of worrying about a scheduled time to be there. I am appreciative that a trainer is always there to help without an additional fee.
    - Jun 15, 2018 by Misty Pickard
  • Great quick cardio workout that’s fun!!
    - Jun 15, 2018 by Lisa Morris
  • No class times!
    - Jun 13, 2018 by M.J.
  • It is always a challenge, a great workout that doesn’t take a lot of time.
    - Jun 13, 2018 by E.H.
  • It makes exercising fun! Their trainers are INCREDIBLE!!! They are so knowledgable and encouraging!!!
    - Jun 8, 2018 by april ross
  • Its a fun work out. The trainers are exceptionally friendly. The music makes it fun. And its only 30 mins
    - Jun 8, 2018 by LaTashia McKinney
  • I like that each day there are new rounds. The trainers are friendly and helpful. The gym is clean and organized. Love that you can easily jump in on a round at whatever time is convenient for you.
    - Jun 5, 2018 by Shea Brown
  • No class times..and it's only 30 min
    - Jun 4, 2018 by L.V.
  • The one on one personal trainers.
    - Jun 3, 2018 by J.J.
  • The trainers are always ready to help and modify the workout experience!
    - Jun 2, 2018 by Barbara Turner
  • I love the entire 9Round experience. The 30 minute full-body workout is definitely my favorite part of 9Round. I get the same benefits of a 2 hour workout at the gym, but in 30 minutes. I also love the smaller, welcoming environment. It's like a fitness version of "Cheers" where everybody knows yourname and is willing and excited to help you.
    - Jun 1, 2018 by brian lapierre
  • The Trainers are the Best. They encourage and engage with you during the rounds. The workout is always different. That Keeps your muscles confused and working harder for you.
    - May 28, 2018 by Tommie Wyatt
  • No scheduled ‘class’. Workouts change each day. Full body workout. Get cardio and strength. Only 30 minutes. Love our trainers.
    - May 26, 2018 by B.L.
  • Friendly, family atmosphere. Fast and efficient workout.
    - May 25, 2018 by Rachel Dailey
  • Best 30 min of my day! After 2 years I still find it challenging.
    - May 25, 2018 by cassie duggin
  • The encouragement from the trainers and fellow gym members.
    - May 25, 2018 by K.B.
  • Great atmosphere! Great people! Very Clean facility! Trainers keep you moving and motivated! All around a great place!
    - May 18, 2018 by J.S.
  • Something different every day and challenging
    - May 16, 2018 by K.J.
  • I don't have to make up my own work out
    - May 14, 2018 by F.B.
  • Everything!!
    - May 10, 2018 by Chris Kohls
  • That you get a total body workout that wears you completely out in only 30 minutes that really shows results. I go 3 days a week and can really see results. The owners at the Jackson, TN 9round are awesome and so easy to work with.
    - May 9, 2018 by K.C.
  • Flexibility of when I can get there, no schedule work out sessions.
    - May 9, 2018 by K.D.
  • New workouts every day, great staff, very challenging!
    - Apr 24, 2018 by Ashley Stahl
  • Great staff !
    - Apr 23, 2018 by glenn Bote
  • That the trainers are working with you all the time you are working out, pushing you to do better.
    - Apr 20, 2018 by K.P.
  • I love that there is a trainer guiding you through each workout. There are also no classtimes, so this makes it convenient for my busy schedule. Tools like the heart rate monitor and workout summary help you track your progress. The workouts are hard, but can be alterred to suit your fitness level.
    - Apr 12, 2018 by S.D.
  • The very helpful trainers
    - Apr 10, 2018 by S.H.
  • It's been the best stress reliever!! Quick and always challenging.
    - Apr 9, 2018 by Ashley Ribble
  • You can track your calories and have a personal trainer there EVERYDAY
    - Apr 5, 2018 by Joshua Crenshaw
  • I love the fact that I can come in, jump into the next round, and go through the circuit without having to think about what workout I want to do that day. Having trainers there pushing you and helping you achieve your goals is also a huge plus.
    - Mar 30, 2018 by Drew Yates
  • Owners are the best, they work just as hard as we do! So encouraging to know that this is not something I am doing alone.
    - Mar 25, 2018 by Melissa Kennamore
  • It’s convenient, I can workout on my lunch break or 6:00am
    - Mar 22, 2018 by C.L.
  • Tons of calories burned in such a short time
    - Mar 21, 2018 by S.Y.
  • I love my trainers. They are always excited to help me and with tendinitis in one elbow they are great with adjusting each round to work for me so I can still get a great workout.
    - Mar 18, 2018 by B.G.
  • I love the encouraging atmosphere! All of the trainers push you and encourage you through each workout.
    - Mar 17, 2018 by Nacole bradley
  • The trainers!
    - Mar 15, 2018 by N.M.
  • The staff and workouts are great! Especially for people with busy schedules
    - Mar 14, 2018 by R.B.
  • Takes only 30 mins and you’re done!
    - Mar 14, 2018 by D.J.
  • Atmosphere and workout routines
    - Mar 14, 2018 by K.N.

About the team

  • Cam <span class="nick-name">"CAM"</span> Presley
    Cam "CAM" Presley
    Cam has just recently joined our 9Round family in September 2018, but has jumped in with both feet. Cam loves to play tennis, run, and play basketball. He say Round 8 is his favorite round because it so satisfying to find your rhythm on the speed bag. Cam – “I love to see the dedication and passion shown by our members each time they walk through our doors.”
  • Wesley <span class="nick-name">"Dingaling"</span> King
    Wesley "Dingaling" King
    Wesley joined the 9Round Jackson Team in July 2018. You can always count on Wesley to have a smile on his face. When he’s not in the gym, Wesley enjoys playing soccer. His favorite bag is the heavy bag on Round 4 and 6 where he gets to work on his punching. Wesley – “I love that our members love to workout at 9Round. It makes work fun.”
  • Ashley <span class="nick-name">"Buckeye"</span> Stahl
    Ashley "Buckeye" Stahl
    Ashley became a member at 9Round in March 2018 and has recently joined our staff in September 2018. Ashley loves sports, working out at 9Round, and she loves to cook. Her favorite bag at 9Round is the double end bag on Round 3 because it helps to improve her hand-eye coordination. When she’s done with a great workout, she enjoys cooking a favorite meal of baked chicken, rice, and of course, some veggies. Ashley – “I love our members because they’re genuinely happy to be here and super eager to learn new things.”
  • Rob <span class="nick-name">"Rob"</span> Johnson
    Rob "Rob" Johnson
    Rob is here to help you reach your goals! He enjoys playing sports, working out, reading and traveling! He loves a freestyle round so he can let loose! His favorite healthy meal is chicken with veggies and a sweet potato.
  • Rachel <span class="nick-name">"Strongerdailey"</span> Dailey
    Rachel "Strongerdailey" Dailey
    Rachel has been a member at 9Round Jackson since November of 2016. She enjoys traveling, hanging out with her dogs, canoeing, camping and playing sports! Her favorite round is the speed bag. "At the beginning it was literally so hard I thought I'd never get the hang of it, but I proved myself that with hard work and determination, I could do it!" She loves 9Round because everyone treats you like family!
  • Madisen <span class="nick-name">"MADCITY"</span> Morris
    Madisen "MADCITY" Morris
    Madisen enjoys working out and hanging out with family and friends! Her favorite round is the double end bag. "I never know what the bag is going to do and it was my worst bag when I first joined, but I've finally figured it out!" Madisen loves 9Round because no matter how tired I am during the morning shift, the members make me laugh and smile!
  • Lindsey <span class="nick-name">"DJDodi"</span> Ferrell
    Lindsey "DJDodi" Ferrell
    Hi! I found 9Round Jackson in 2013 after the birth of our second child. It's the one gym that met all of my needs: flexible, challenging, encouraging and FUN! My husband and I had the opportunity to buy it in 2015. We are so blessed to get to help our members get stronger. My purpose is to build relationships that move others to the BEST version of themselves! Let us help you become stronger in 30 minutes!