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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


22720 Morton Ranch Rd.
Katy, Texas 77449


  • It’s only 30 minutes and you get a great workout in!
    - June 19, 2018 by G.S.
  • The people that work there are great! And the owner is so welcoming and nice!
    - June 06, 2018 by S.M.
  • Great work in a short amount of time.
    - May 30, 2018 by J.M.
  • I love how you can just walk in and start your workout. No class schedules. The trainers are fantastic!!
    - May 19, 2018 by C.B.
  • I love the workouts and trainers ! Would definitely start recommending friends to join.
    - May 16, 2018 by Aleyna Cervantes
  • The trainers and the workouts program for every single day are awesome!
    - May 16, 2018 by Hector Alejandro
  • Zack and Micheal are dope. they realy push you to you limits
    - May 04, 2018 by Amy Owor
  • Great place for work out and great staff!!!
    - May 04, 2018 by I.R.
  • Love 9 Round! Great expierence! Great team and I love the challenge. I have recommended people already and will continue.
    - April 25, 2018 by Mike Watkins
  • Lots of variation each session, high intensity training and always a full body workout. It’s fun, fast and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment!
    - April 25, 2018 by Anna Gibbons
  • Quick, intense workout in a short amount of time. The workout changes everyday and you can go at your own speed when needed but the trainers are there to help push you to keep going!
    - April 23, 2018 by A.H.
  • I absolutely love this gym! Jessica and staff are all so welcoming and friendly. They’re the best! I love the music, too...it not only adds to the fun, but it motivates as well. I have only been going for a month and I can already see/feel huge changes. Looking forward to my future progress!
    - April 21, 2018 by Laura Hoker
  • Is an excellent work out, is helping me tone my body and is not boring at all. You feel free of daily stress.
    - April 20, 2018 by L.P.
  • It’s an intense 30 minute workout. Love to kick & punch. The instructors are friendly and attentive.
    - April 19, 2018 by Aillene Jones
  • The entire staff does a great job pushing and motivating us daily. The quick but effective work outs are also a great reason why I keep coming every day.
    - April 19, 2018 by B.N.
  • The trainers are amazing, the facility is always clean.
    - April 15, 2018 by norma Gonzalez
  • I love that there is always an energetic attitude going on every time I come in. The music is always making me want to workout more and more. Its always so Litty.
    - April 15, 2018 by C.R.
  • It’s great. I love it.
    - April 13, 2018 by Cherish Giovinazzo
  • Great trainers, great environment, great workout every time!
    - April 13, 2018 by J.J.
  • I love 9 Rounds!!! I love that there are not specific class times, you come in, jump in the circuit, and go! The team is very motivating, and challenges you to be your best.
    - April 13, 2018 by Nicole Moore
  • The workout changing everyday keeps it from getting repetitive. But the staff is the best part of 9rounds.
    - April 13, 2018 by R.A.
  • I am loving the whole experience, the fact that it only takes 30 to 45 minutes of my time, the support from my trainers, the kick boxing combined with the cardio, and the results. I have lost over 10 pounds since I started working out late January this year and I am not killing myself or doing strict diets. I strongly recommend 9 Round to people that want to be fit and loose weight.
    - April 13, 2018 by Armando Rodriguez
  • The owner and trainers at the Morton Ranch location in Katy are THE BEST!!! I get a full body, full sweat workout in 30 minutes everytime!! I ❤ 9ROUND!!
    - April 13, 2018 by Renee Wilson
  • I would keep going to the 9Round Morton Ranch if it weren't for the great team of people that run that gym. They always make you feel at home. Thanks! - Marco Zapata
    - April 13, 2018 by M.Z.
  • This 30 minute workout is the best workout ive ever done I feel completely drained its an awesome feeling. The instructors really push every ounce of energy out of you they are great.
    - April 12, 2018 by Javier Juarez
  • Great staff and really great support system! I tell everyone to go there!
    - April 12, 2018 by M.N.
  • I like that the trainers take their time to explain how to correctly do the routines. I also like that the rounds are different each day and that the trainers take the time to get to know you and make the experience fun.
    - April 12, 2018 by R.R.
  • The different routines, never the same always in motion and the trainers are really great with reading how much pushing you can take!
    - April 12, 2018 by Erin Ramirez
  • I absolutely love it! I tried other gyms before and never liked it and just quit. Now I go at least 3 times a week!
    - April 12, 2018 by J.G.
  • Love the trainers and love the environment. It is such a fun workout that I absolutely love doing. I can’t wait til the next workout!
    - April 12, 2018 by Leslie DAmico