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Leib:  Every Step of the Way

Leib: Every Step of the Way

The combination of personal attention, knowledgeable trainers, an incredible workout and a kickass environment makes 9Round my favorite gym. I am about to wrap up the 6 week challenge and I have to say that the greatest thing 9Round has given me is the mental training to know how far I can really push myself. After the first workout everybody has the same question 'does it get easier?' And every trainer has the same response 'nope, but you learn to push harder'. And I think this is where the beauty of this gym really lies, not necessarily in its ability to help people lose 6% of their body fat in 6 weeks or gain any certain type of physical results, but to have each person in the gym challenge themselves mentally until they get from the point of 'I THINK I can do this' to 'I KNOW I can do it'. Personally I am jumping straight into training for a marathon after this challenge is over. I have always wanted to run a marathon but always had excuses up my sleeve, after the training from 9Round I look at all of the reasons that I can reach whatever fitness goal I set my mind to. Big shoutout to all of the trainers especially Ryan and Victoria who helped with every step along the way! And thank you to 9Round for giving me this incredible gift of challenging myself to realize how far my limits truly are.

-Leib S, 9Round StL