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How to Lose That Unwanted Belly Fat

Most people assume that in order to achieve a flat stomach, they need to do an endless amount of perfectly executed crunches. However, you can not spot train one section of your body and expect to lose weight in only that one section. You can achieve added muscle mass from abdominal strength training but spot reduction is impossible. You need to have an entire body fat reduction in order to achieve the flat stomach of your dreams. A form of highly intense aerobic activity may be your best bet at losing your excess belly fat.


Try a sprint interval training routine

Interval training is a type of working out where you alternate periods of high-intensity exercise with a low-intensity recovery period. Research has shown that interval training burn more calories over a short amount of time than a steady-state cardio routine, one where you do the same thing for your entire workout period. Sprint interval training is an intense form of working out that burns a lot of fat and strengthens your abs. Many may become discouraged by sprinting to lose weight; however, when properly executed this type of fitness routine will quickly give you your desired results. According to the American Council on Exercise this type of routine allows the body to perform at 100% of its aerobic capacity. This increases your endurance and boosts your metabolism, which enhances your body's capacity to burn fat.


Try a high-intensity interval training fitness routine

This workout requires you to perform short and fast bursts of sprinting in one-minute periods. You must perform a thorough and complete warm-up prior to performing this type of fitness routine. You should participate in your sprint intervals in moderation and according to your fitness level. This intense form of cardio is usually performed in segments that last from four to thirty minutes. You should participate in at least a two minute jog prior to each of your one-minute bursts of sprinting. Usually a workout of this nature consists of your warm up, followed by anywhere from three to ten repetitions of high intensity exercise, which are broken up by medium intensity exercise to aid in recovery, and ending your cool down. The high intensity exercise should be done at near maximum intensity. The medium exercise should be performed at 50% intensity. You should not perform this kind of exercise more than twice a week, in order to avoid injury.


Do not forget weight training

A total belly fat blasting fitness routine consists of both cardio and weight training. Weight training perfectly complements your cardio routine to help you shed that excess belly fat. Weight training helps to tone your body and build your muscle mass. Studies have discovered that muscle burns more calories than fat; therefore, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn. We all know that the more calories we burn, the more fat we will shed. So, in order to lose our spare tires and get our abs toned and shaped we must add some sort of weight lifting to our fitness routines to enhance the effects of our cardio fitness routines.


It can be difficult for many of us to shed that excess belly fat. It is one of the hardest areas for us to shape and tone. It is a problem area for many that they just do not know how to target. There is no easy solution, and it can be difficult for many, especially for those new to their fitness routines. In the beginning, you need to stick to your fitness routine and experiment with different forms and levels of exercising to find what works for you. It may be difficult to discover what your perfect fitness level is in the beginning, but do not give up, you will quickly find your groove. The best way to achieve the stomach and body of your dreams is to look for surefire fitness routines that are guaranteed to burn fat and not just center on your stomach but your entire body.