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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


2655 South 70th St. Suite C
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506


  • The intensity in both cardio & strength training along with the fact I’m done working out before I know it! The trainers are great too!
    - December 29, 2018 by T.H.
  • Quick but intense workout
    - December 21, 2018 by John Harris
  • Trainers, pick my own times to fit my schedule, really great workout!
    - December 09, 2018 by Tabi Zimmerman
  • Fun atmosphere and always feel great after workouts.
    - November 29, 2018 by C.B.
  • I love that I can just go in at anytime, do my workout and it's only 30 minutes...Plus, there is always someone there pushing you to do your best and more!
    - November 15, 2018 by C.N.
  • I love that it's an all body 30 minute workout and you can come in anytime! The trainer is extremely helpful!
    - November 09, 2018 by A.G.
  • - November 08, 2018 by D.J.
  • Great fast intense workouts, with amazing trainers.
    - October 28, 2018 by Vickie Molina
  • - October 25, 2018 by B.K.
  • The trainers are great, the workout is challenging and the flexible times seal the deal.
    - October 25, 2018 by A.K.
  • - October 20, 2018 by L.D.
  • Quick but intense workout.. great trainers
    - October 10, 2018 by Kelly Thelen
  • Always pushed to complete the work out. Workout changes from day to day
    - October 08, 2018 by J.B.
  • - October 08, 2018 by A.C.
  • The people! This includes the trainers and the people who are also members. I appreciate being pushed, always encouraged and the teaching to ensure I get my best workout. I enjoy the flexibility of working out only 30 minutes but having the option to workout for an hour when I need to.
    - October 06, 2018 by Tawnya Hansen
  • I love the trainers, the workouts and most of all the family. Everyone is always encouraging. The trainers really know me and care about my journey. The workouts change daily and I never have to figure them out on my own.
    - October 05, 2018 by W.B.
  • The atmosphere is always positive, and the workouts always make me feel super accomplished!
    - September 24, 2018 by R.W.
  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with 9Round. I enjoy completing the rounds and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’ve told many people and post my experience on my Facebook page.
    - September 19, 2018 by John Harris
  • Great atmosphere. Trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and support all levels.
    - September 07, 2018 by P.F.
  • Trainers are friendly and encouraging.
    - September 01, 2018 by C.B.
  • Great workout, great trainers! Love that there are no class times!
    - September 01, 2018 by Tabi Zimmerman
  • Works every muscle group and the trainers are very friendly and helpful!
    - August 09, 2018 by A.G.
  • I can go whenever its convenient, its quick, and I'm out of there and on my way.
    - July 24, 2018 by A.K.
  • variety
    - July 16, 2018 by D.F.
  • Flexible timeframe, and you get a personalized experience every time.
    - July 12, 2018 by L.A.
  • The trainers are awesome. Encouraging and knowledgeable. I love that every day is different and I don’t have to figure out what to do like a traditional gym.
    - July 04, 2018 by W.B.
  • small gym. great trainers
    - July 04, 2018 by K.F.
  • It’s a quick workout that pushes you to work hard the entire time unlike a normal cardio workout such as an elliptical or bike. It works out your entire body. I have been looking for something like this for years. Even though I’m not very good with the actual kickboxing or punching technique yet, I’m still getting a good workout. I love it!! I look forward to coming every day and disappointed when I can’t make it.
    - June 13, 2018 by Brynn Schuckman
  • Very fun, always something different and no way you can leave without being sweaty!
    - June 12, 2018 by J.B.
  • Great work outs, and awesome environment!!
    - June 07, 2018 by T.E.
  • Quick workout that is trainer led
    - June 06, 2018 by K.E.
  • I love the quick workouts that totally kick my butt!
    - May 25, 2018 by Sara Fonfara
  • Best part is everyone that works the S 70th street location in Lincoln Nebraska are super nice and make everyone feel very comfortable which is very important in being successful in reaching fitness goals.
    - May 24, 2018 by Casey Broeker
  • I really like that I can come whenever it’s convenient for me. A set class time does not work for me at all. I also like having a trainer there to guide and help me.
    - May 23, 2018 by Lois Brown
  • The fact that I can get a great workout done in 30 min.
    - May 23, 2018 by J.W.
  • It's quick and effective!
    - April 24, 2018 by A.K.
  • No class times and different workout every time I go!
    - April 03, 2018 by M.D.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Jevon Woods
    Coming soon!
  • 9Round trainer
    Samantha Wheatley
    Samantha is our weekend trainer! You will see her on Friday nights and Saturday mornings! She has a full time job during the week as a dental assistant. She lives in Lincoln with her husband and two little boys!