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5668 E 2nd St
Long Beach, California 90803


  • The convenience and the awesome trainers
    - Aug 17, 2019 by J.G.
  • It’s a quick thirty minutes then you are done for the day!
    - Aug 16, 2019 by M.B.
  • Love the trainers and flexibility of time
    - Aug 14, 2019 by D.G.
  • I needed some motivation to start working out again and 9Round has provided that and more! It's the toughest 30 minutes of my day but every time I feel better. I have been 10 times and my body is noticeably different ... for the better.
    - Aug 8, 2019 by A.O.
  • I love the variety of workouts, the energy and intensity every time I go. Love the flexible schedule of NO class times. 9 Round is a great addition to the Long Beach community!
    - Aug 7, 2019 by Cynthia Pearce vargas
  • I love the trainers, the workouts, the care to my limitations from previous injuries, the music, and how the timing works best with my schedule. The more consistent I am with going, the more I see results. It’s a workout I actually want to go to, unlike a traditional gym.
    - Aug 4, 2019 by Mary margaret Zimmerman
  • No class times, short workout length, highly effective
    - Jul 31, 2019 by D.C.
  • I can go anytime and get a solid 30 minute workout that is great for someone e with diabetes (like me)! The trainers are always attentive and work with you when you have limitations! They are also very motivational! I love this place! And when they don’t see you for awhile - they reach out to you!
    - Jul 30, 2019 by Anna marie Majchrowicz
  • that's fact that it's quick. And the instructors are awesome, positive, and helpful. They make the experience wonderfully human.
    - Jul 26, 2019 by Christo Brock
  • I like how every day is different and I don’t have to think or worry about if I’m getting a good and balanced workout!
    - Jul 20, 2019 by Emelie Pfaff
  • How the workout is set up & not having to worry about going in at a certain time slot. Just jump in & get your workout in for the day!
    - Jul 17, 2019 by K.S.
  • I absolutely love everything about this place and the people there. It feels like family working out together. I'm one of those that always needs a push and here they all about encouraging you. I also get bored easily, well NOT here! I love it!
    - Jul 8, 2019 by Claudia Rivas
  • Quick high-intensity workouts - good team and community at LB location.
    - Jul 8, 2019 by J.A.
  • Joining 9Round was the best decision I've made regarding my health and fitness. The workouts are intense and I can feel my body gaining muscle and strength which is what I wanted. It's only 30 minutes so I have no excuses and I can easily fit the workouts into my busy schedule. I look forward to each one! I'm so glad I'm part of the 9Round family!
    - Jul 1, 2019 by Rose Sablan
  • Guaranteed awesome workout, like it or not
    - Jun 7, 2019 by David Nidess
  • It’s challenging! No 2 workouts are the same. The trainers are very personable and know your name. It’s a full body workout and it’s only 30 minutes! Best workout ever! Best gym I have ever belonged to. Best decision I ever made was to join!
    - May 28, 2019 by Jackie Sprong
  • Fun and motivating workout! No locked in times and just a great workout! I love 9 Round!!!
    - May 15, 2019 by Susan Mcdonald
  • I've been a member of 9 Round for over 1 year now and I love it! The workouts are high intensity, fun and always different. Full body workouts are very important to me and I can get it all done in about 35 minutes (total). The trainers are also very knowledgeable and help me out when ever I need help. I also have a few minor injuries so depending on what the team is doing they have great suggestions for me to keep working. And lastly, knowing there are no "set" class times I don't stress out in traffic- I know as soon as I get there I can just jump in and start my work out!
    - May 6, 2019 by Cynthia Pearce vargas
  • Each 30 min workout is challenging and always different
    - Apr 24, 2019 by L.N.
  • Great full-body workout, including strength and cardio, in just 30 minutes. Gets you motivated because it’s fun and lots of energy in the gym.
    - Apr 21, 2019 by D.B.
  • Great trainers with flexible hours
    - Apr 19, 2019 by C.F.
    - Apr 16, 2019 by Micki Hill
  • i love the staff and their motivation
    - Apr 10, 2019 by T.N.
  • Great workout, fun, enjoy the trainers. All around great experience every time. Love it!
    - Apr 7, 2019 by Pamela Grier
  • The 30minutes goes by so fast! And love the variety of workout moves. Also the trainers energy really motivates me!
    - Apr 6, 2019 by T.D.
  • I love the trainers and how they teach and motivate every single person. I love that it's only 30 minutes, so I never feel like I don't have time to go. I love how the workouts are different every day and each one is effective. I love the way I feel when I finish. I think 9Round is the best experience I have ever had working out. I miss it on days I can't go and I've never ever said that about a gym before.
    - Mar 31, 2019 by Rose Sablan
  • In the past I have belonged to regular gyms doing basic cardio and weight training. Here at 9Round, I do exercises I would never do on my own and the trainers are there to watch my form and motivate me.
    - Mar 27, 2019 by Liz Cecil
  • I like that I can go there any time during business hours for circuit classes. We love it!
    - Mar 26, 2019 by R.R.
  • I love Clarissa and the team. Everyone is very positive and upbeat, the fact that I can show up any time, and there are no set class times is ideal for me. It’s quick, and very efficient. I really love he workout I get at 9Round.
    - Mar 26, 2019 by Megan Riddle
  • The best part about 9Rounds is there is no set class times. For someone whose schedule is all over the place this works out great! I also love that the work outs are different everyday and the trainers make you feel like you’re family and a part of something by remembering your name and engaging one-on-one every work out when you’re sparing. It’s high intensity and so much fun.
    - Mar 17, 2019 by Dianna Santos
  • It’s challenging, the trainers are awesome and keep you motivated! The workouts are intense and different each time, you burn between 350-600 calories and best of all it’s 30 minutes! I look forward to it each day and I am already seeing results (tone legs, but arms and back) in just a month! I love it and would recommend it to anyone!
    - Mar 2, 2019 by Jackie Sprong
  • Convenient work-out for this busy career girl. I get a good sweat on and I feel energized afterward. Also noticed an improvement in my mood and stress level. I have no excuse not to go to 9Round because the work-out is so convenient!
    - Feb 21, 2019 by Taryn Costa
  • 9round is really the best! I love that there are no set times and that the workouts are 30 minutes. I admit, I was skeptical when I heard about it- but once I tried it, I realized it was so worth it! The trainers are great- I look forward to Lil Shelby’s sunshiney face every morning, encouraging me to push myself. Thank you 9round for making working out convenient AND fun!
    - Feb 15, 2019 by Jennifer Gaines
  • I love 9 Round! It’s so much fun and the workout is fabulous! The trainers are enthusiastic and motivating! It’s the best experience, go 9 Round! ❤️❤️❤️
    - Feb 13, 2019 by Susan Mcdonald
  • I love that it’s a quick 30 minutes and it’s a super fun work out!
    - Feb 12, 2019 by Monique Benoit
  • I love my trainers and how clean the gym is!
    - Feb 7, 2019 by R.G.
  • Best gym in Long Beach! I always get in a great and fun workout.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by Cynthia Pearce vargas
  • It takes away every excuse I have to work out. There’s no class time I have to make it is open whenever I am available and the work out is short but intense
    - Jan 30, 2019 by D.C.
  • I love feeling like a person and not a number. I love that I know all the trainers names and they know mine. They know my strengths and my weaknesses. I feel like I get pushed in a good way to continue forward. It’s a gym I don’t avoid going to because I actually enjoy the workout. Only having to be there for 30 minutes and on my schedule makes my excuses to not want to go melt away. I leave feeling energized and accomplished. The whole experience has been a good one and I recommend this specific 9Round every chance I get.
    - Jan 27, 2019 by Mary margaret Zimmerman
  • The trainers are very motivating! The work out is quick and organized! Very convenient to my schedule.
    - Jan 27, 2019 by A.M.
  • Flexible time to get in my workout High intensity where I can measure my progress Friendly awesome powerfully competent trainers
    - Jan 18, 2019 by Chrystal Fairbanks
  • Ability to arrive and start a workout at any time, early hours, energetic/positive/professional staff, and cleanliness of the gym.
    - Jan 16, 2019 by Dana Bell
  • Intense workout with super friendly trainers.
    - Dec 29, 2018 by Terry Wellman
  • Clarissa is very friendly and passionate about the gym. She and the rest of the trainers on her team are knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. They push you to try harder, and keep a positive & energetic vibe. It’s a great workout, and I love that there are no class times. I also leave dripping in sweat, so that’s a good sign.
    - Dec 27, 2018 by M.R.
  • The trainers are so nice. They are very encouraging and I look forward to going to the gym so I can see them.
    - Dec 26, 2018 by C.D.
  • I like the flexibility that I can show up any time I'd like and still get a great work out!
    - Dec 9, 2018 by J.T.
  • The friendly and knowledgeable trainers!
    - Dec 8, 2018 by Andrea Furr
  • I like that there is no scheduled time that you have to be there. You can come whenever is best for your schedule. There is a lot of energy! Everyone knows your name. It's a great, exhausting workout and it's only 30 minutes.
    - Dec 6, 2018 by C.N.
  • The trainers are great. You can just walk in and be working out in a few minutes. The workout is different every day. It is only 30 minutes but a fantastic workout!!
    - Nov 30, 2018 by J.H.
  • I love that there is no specific class time. I come in, work the circuit and I’m done with my workout for the day. The staff is so friendly and motivating.
    - Nov 11, 2018 by Mellisa Hovard

About the team

  • Clarissa <span class="nick-name">"Boxy Roxy"</span> Bauer
    Clarissa "Boxy Roxy" Bauer
    Clarissa is dedicated to a heart healthy lifestyle and enjoys motivating others to meet their personal goals and reach their potential through fitness. Clarissa’s passion for fitness and healthy living started at a young age while practicing Tae Kwon Do. She now enjoys standup paddle boarding, biking, running, and is a Marine Corps Marathon Finisher (2015). Clarissa is originally from Texas, but soon became hooked on the active lifestyle of California and is now proud to call Long Beach home.
  • Shelby <span class="nick-name">"Lil Shelbs"</span> Harmon
    Shelby "Lil Shelbs" Harmon
    Hi, I’m “little shelbs” known for being little but mighty. I am a 4’11” health and fitness enthusiast! I was a gymnast for over 10 years and have always loved a good challenge. I fell in love with group fitness when I was in high school and loved it so much I began to teach it! I want to help you reach your goals and see you become the best version of yourself. I am a big believer in mind over body, and believe your body is a lot stronger than you believe it to be! So together we will push ourselves to eat clean and train dirty.
  • Madison <span class="nick-name">"Black Mamba"</span> Mayho
    Madison "Black Mamba" Mayho
    Madison first fell in love with the 9Round workout as a 9Round member in 2016. Two years and 5 C.H.O.W. championships later, she is now part of the dynamic trainer team here in Long Beach! Madison has been an athlete since she was 5 years old, playing soccer, basketball and running track. She believes fitness is an essential part of a holistic lifestyle, and it should be fun! She is dedicated to helping you enjoy every step of your journey towards your fitness goals with positive energy and enthusiasm!
  • Mike <span class="nick-name">"Iron Mike"</span> Maag
    Mike "Iron Mike" Maag
    I am a Huntington Beach local and studied philosophy at Long Beach State University. I began my career in the restaurant industry and worked my way up to a manager in 25 years, opening 12 restaurants in that time. I’ve always been active and got hooked on jogging. On my 40th birthday, I ran my first marathon on Catalina Island in 2017 and haven't looked back. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and love how 9Round helps fuel that mind, body, and soul connection. Now I'm loving life reflective of eating a healthy live food diet and a fitness-based lifestyle. I believe the mind, body, and soul connection is fueled by a conscious participation in setting fitness-based goals which can lead to long term health benefits and an energy level that translates to more positive relationships in life.

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