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Common Mistakes When Trying to Build Muscle Mass


It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to build your muscle mass; however, you want to reap the benefits of being able to burn the highest amount of calories possible. So, you hit the gym regularly and work hard, but you may not be seeing the results that you want. Others may look as if they have no flab and are showing great muscle tone, but you are feeling a little let down by your attempts. This can be frustrating and make you want to give up. However, before you quit, you should make sure you are not performing any of these common muscle building mistakes in your fitness routine.

  • Doing the same thing over and over. This is not good for any fitness routine. You can become easily bored and will most likely stop seeing results because the body adapts quickly. You need to switch things up and breathe new life into your fitness routine every once in a while. It will keep things interesting and help you to keep progressing. It will usually take your body about four to six weeks to get use to an exercise. So, you should try to remember every month to switch up your fitness routine in order to keep seeing the results that you want.  This is where 9Round is ahead of the game.  Our workout changes everyday.

  • Overloading on cardio alone. Cardio may seem to be great at burning fat, but it is not so good for building muscle mass. You should still do the cardio component of your fitness routine, but combining it with resistance moves is an even better combo!  9Round offers both anaerobic and aerobic (both cardio) training combined with resistance moves at each of the 9 stations! Win, win.

  • Your diet. At 9Round, each membership comes complete with nutritional guidance from a doctor on staff. He moderates the 9Round Nutrition forum, which is only a click away. It is important to eat and not starve, in order to build muscle and burn fat; however, you need to eat the proper things and not just stuff yourself with the closest food available. You want foods that will help you to increase the amount of energy you have for your fitness routines. You need the correct ratio of carbs, protein and healthy dietary fats.

No need to feel all alone in your quest for awesome muscle definition! We are here to help.