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It's all about Good Habits

Justin Hammerstrom

It's all about forming good habits early in life. Last week we got into exercise habits. I am going change lanes a bit. In my prior job I was in charge of feeding 900 high school students. I fed them for 5 years. At year number 5 they ate grilled salmon, farm fresh vegetables, locally raised beef, low fat organic granola parfaits, and many other healthy choices.

Getting to that level of good eating was an uphill climb on a steep red clay hill on a wicked rainy day. I walked into a kitchen of employees that hadn’t used a knife the 10 years they had been working there. Needless to say, training them was pretty difficult. The hard part was taking away the fries and processed chicken burgers. It was crazy how terribly these kids had been eating from 1st grade to high school. I had constant battles with the elementary and middle school kitchen managers trying to get them to change to healthy menus. They would say the kids would not eat good food. No way did I believe this!

What it was doing to me is making it wicked hard to break the habits of a freshman who had been eating junk for the last 8 years. When I first took over, the kids went on cafeteria strike and boycotted my food. I WON!!!!! Why am I telling you this story? Everything parents do in their life is noticed by kids.

When you show good habits they will pick them up and the same with bad habits. Most parents that smoke have kids that will smoke also. Here is the great news about 9Round. We have an amazing nutrition program that is included with our memberships. We provide the tools to create awesome exercise and eating habits for you and the family to start ASAP. It is just like the brushing the teeth example I gave you last week. It is easy to create good habits and hard to break bad habits. Get the youngsters and yourself a step ahead of the game.

Thanks for reading. -Justin