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Can You Increase Your Bone Health Without Really Trying?

Heather Hudson

As Halloween approaches we think about skeletons and scary skulls…..

Speaking of bones, did you know that the exercises we do here at 9Round directly increase our bone density?

Most people aren’t consciously walking around thinking, “How can I increase my bone density?” So, it’s nice to know that this is already being covered for you when you’re doing your workout. Not only are we getting a kick butt workout, but, you’re doing your future self a huge favor also. When you do anything “weight bearing” or impactful, you actually help your bones increase their density. In every day terms, when we kick or punch the bags it creates resistence which helps to tone and sculpt your muscles without making you bulky. You get leaner, faster. Your waistline shrinks and your jeans fit better. Hooray!


But, you’re also strengthening your bones when you do this. This helps prevent Osteoporosis in the future if you’re younger right now, and it also helps prevent it from worsening in folks who are already starting to experience the onset of this bone degeneration.  (Ask your doctor if working out is ok for you before starting a new exercise program).

The science behind why this works: When you your body is used to the pounding on the heavy bags hanging in our 9Round clubs, then if you had an accidental fall somewhere outside of the gym, your body would better be able to withstand that kind of accident with minimal or no injuries. That’s what we want! Consistently coming in about 3 times a week for just 30 minutes is all you need to improve bone health.

We really pride ourselves on the fact that our circuit style workout is for all ages and fitness levels. If you’re new to exercise, you’ll go at your own pace. Then, as you get stronger, your trainer will push you a bit harder to get you to reach your fitness goals. Every body needs this kind of motivation, and that’s why we get results!

Most people come in to 9Round for weight loss goals or to get toned up for that bikini. Side effects of that include heart health and bone health increase!

When I lay my head down at night, I know that our 9Round Fitness business has not only helped hundreds of people feel happier and sexier in their own skin, but it’s added years to their lives and quality to those years.  No bones about it….You knew that was coming!