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How to Keep It Real During Your Workout

Many of us start our fitness routines out with unreal expectations. We may not know our limits, try to achieve results too soon or want to achieve perfection. This false sense of having to be perfect can end up being very harmful. We need to stop seeking perfection and realize that our fitness routine is about being a healthier version of ourselves. In order to remain happy with our body image and our fitness routines we need to focus on being the best that we can be and not being what we or others may view as perfect.



Set realistic goals

Many of us think that it is easy to set goals; however, once it comes time to decide on a realistic goal we find out that it may be harder than we thought. We want to set a goal that is achievable. It can not be too easy or too hard to reach. If it is too easy you may find yourself becoming bored with your workout and in the end, quitting. If your goals are too hard, you may become frustrated and feel as if all of your hard work is for nothing, and just like before, you will probably end up quitting your fitness routine. So, you need to set a goal with a proper time limit and a realistic outcome. This may take a while to perfect, but do not rush yourself or judge yourself too harshly in the beginning. Remember it will take some time to see the results that you want, so keep pushing yourself and do not give up.


Work at your own pace

Today's fitness trend is to push yourself as hard as you can in short bursts; however, you have to be extremely careful when practicing this intense form of exercise. You do not want to push yourself too far past your limits too quickly. Also when we first start a fitness routine we need to take it slowly to learn the correct ways to perform each movement, and when most of us workout too hard or too fast we tend to lose sight of our posture and the proper form needed to safely perform our fitness routine. You can easily slip up and injure yourself this way, which will cause an early and unplanned end to your fitness routine. You need to work at your own pace and learn your body's signals, and when your body tells you to slow down you should listen, if you want to avoid any unnecessary injuries.  That’s why at 9round we offer a certified trainer at no additional charge every workout.


It can be hard starting a fitness routine and not knowing what you should expect. Many of us do have unrealistic expectations but do not know it. The hard part is learning our body's signals and trying to determine just how far and how fast we can push ourselves without causing ourselves an unnecessary injury. However, we need to let go of our ideas about achieving perfection in just a few days after starting our fitness routine and realize that our fitness routine is about making ourselves feel better and achieving a healthier body.