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Some Tips to Fall Back Into Shape as the Summer Comes to an End

As the end of summer comes to an end, we can pack up our bikinis and say goodbye to that gorgeous summer sun. We are again faced with responsibilities that do not include vacations, barbecues and sun tans. With the changing of the season, we are faced with new challenges to our fitness routines. The fitness routines we have worked so hard at during the spring and summer months, to show off our bodies at the beach, now seem less important because we can hide behind bulky clothing, and no one would be the wiser. I want you to remember who hard you worked for that body and encourage you to stay healthy throughout the year. This way you will not only maintain a healthier lifestyle but will keep you from panicking at the start of spring about how your body will look in a bikini.

  1. Stay organized. (Or get organized for some of us). In the fall when the kids or yourself go back to school, things become hectic. Your schedule can get so busy with work and personal things adding up that you do not have the time to fit in your normal workout routine or to watch what you eat. If you are in a hurry, it can be easy to start reaching for fast food or other alternatives to get you through the day. These so called shortcuts can hurt you in the long run. It is best to keep the clutter out of your life and devise a plan to keep your life on track. It can be helpful to write down your schedule in advance, including everything, but especially when you need to workout and what you are going to eat. If you establish a set routine you are less likely to give up on your fitness goals.

  2. Manage your stress level. Facing your new fall schedule can cause some unwanted stress, and you do not want this stress to cause you to give up on your fitness goals. You may think you need to slow down or take a break from your fitness routine and healthier diet to ease up on your stress level, but this is going to have the opposite effect. Exercise and a healthy diet keep you working at your best and help you alleviate the stresses of your hectic life. You need to stay alert and have the right fuel to help your body sustain itself through these hectic times. Your body may also need those extra endorphins caused by exercise to help you remain happy. It may be easier during the cooler months to find an exercise partner, so you can both push each other to remain on the right track.

  3. Keep setting new fitness goals. If you achieved the weight you wanted over the summer, then add a different goal or set of goals to keep you motivated. The easiest way to stay motivated and focused is by setting new goals, and the best part is you do not have to keep focusing on weight. Remember it is about a healthier you not a thinner version of you, so shake up those goals and come up with something new. You can try to add more weights to your routine, stretch a little further, or shave some time off your run. Any way you look at it you just need to keep challenging yourself to do better. You should always remember that there is so much more you can achieve as long as you push yourself to do it.

A healthier you is important, no matter what season it is. As you think about how much easier it may seem to walk away from your fitness goals, remember how much time and effort you put into making your dreams a reality. In the end, if you stay true to your fitness routine, you will have to put in less time and effort next summer to fit into that bikini. Also your body and mind will think you for staying on the right track. You will feel and look better throughout the busy fall and winter months if you exercise and eat right.