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My boss says that I don’t know how to talk to women….


So what is a trainer supposed to be like?  There can be a fine line between being an effective trainer and a drill sergeant.    The truth is, most people don’t respond very well to screaming and intimidation.  Believe it or not very few people, especially women, respond well to insults disguised as help.


In my opinion, the primary job of a trainer is to be a motivator.  Obviously there is an expectation of knowledge and professionalism, but the true test of a trainer is how they interact with their members.  The best trainers understand that they are in the people business.  They care about the person they are working with and work to motivate and push them to get the best out of themselves.


The best trainers take your fitness goals seriously and find the best methods to get you there.


Many trainers tend to either become a personal therapist or a glorified spotter.  Neither of these truly helps to carve the path to fitness that their members are looking for.  Not only should a trainer help you to achieve and exceed your goals, but often times they play a large part in setting goals.


In order to be effective a trainer has to learn how to motivate each and every member and push them to become the best version of themselves.


One of my favorite aspects of being a trainer was working with each member and finding different ways to challenge them.  Every person is motivated differently and it both fun and challenging to keep people engaged and seeing progress.


There is no greater job satisfaction than seeing the positive impact that you are having on a person.


Even after being a trainer and a fitness addict, I still need motivation.  I still need that person to push me and encourage me to work just a little bit harder.  Like most people I am constantly working toward my fitness goals and would not be successful without a truly motivating trainer.


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