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Shop With Purpose & Shop Like You Mean It!

Shop With Purpose: Carbohydrate-Protein-Fat-Vegetables

When we discuss nutrition and eating right, we talk about "eating with purpose." We don't just want to grab something healthy, rather, we want to be sure that what we are eating has purpose and is going to actually fuel the body and brain. In order to do so, we want to grocery shop with purpose and grocery shop like we mean it.

When we enter that grocery store, we want to enter with the same mindset as we do when we are getting ready to prepare a meal/snack or getting ready to order at a restaurant. In order to get properly prepared, we want to ask ourselves the three questions:

#1: What is my carbohydrate?

#2: What is my protein?

#3: What is my fat?

When we can successfully answer each question above, we are on the right to set our body up for success. The goal for every meal/snack in terms of macronutrient balance is the following:

40-55% calories from carbohydrate

15-30% calories from protein

15-30% calories from fat

It is this balance that will help to assist in properly fueling the body and brain. Having the proper carbohydrate-protein-fat balance at every meal/snack will help to stabilize blood sugar, insulin and serotonin. In turn, this will help to keep our energy levels high and stable all throughout the day as well as help to diminish, if not eliminate, food cravings. Plus, maintaining this proper macronutrient balance at each meal and snack each day will help assist to improve work out performance, recovery and mental acuity.

From the percentages above, which macronutrient dominates? Carbohydrates, right? Absolutely, yes, we said carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the key macronutrient. And no, vegetables are not… Let me repeat… Vegetables are not carbohydrates. Yes, vegetables are good for us as they provide the body with great antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But that is all they do. They are a "food source" but not a "fuel source." There is a huge difference. We don't want to feed the body; rather, we want to fuel the body. Carbohydrates fuel the body and when properly balanced with protein and fat, look out; you are on the path to nutrition success, which leads to body composition success.

Notice the attached photograph and the foods in it. In the photograph as you look at it from left to right, you'll notice carbohydrates, protein, fat, vegetables. Which macronutrient dominates the photograph? Well, just like carbohydrates dominate the percentages above, carbohydrates also dominate the photograph above. And notice the types of carbohydrate-Breads, pasta, potatoes; all fantastic complex carbohydrates to help properly fuel the body and mind. You will notice a good amount of fruit as well, which is a great carbohydrate. You will also notice some nice sources of protein and dietary fat. And then the vegetables, as mentioned above, are just good for us.

In summary, when you enter that grocery store, ask yourself three questions… What is my carbohydrate? What is my protein? What is my fat? And then, enter that grocery store and shop with purpose and shop like you mean it. Purchase the foods that are going to help properly fuel the body, as that is the key to success. This process will really help to streamline your grocery shopping and it will help to streamline your meal planning and meal preparation.

Enjoy the great benefits of eating right!

Sincerely, Dr. Rick Kattouf II

9Round Nutrition Coach

2x Best-Selling Author

CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Inc

CEO/Founder Virtual Gym LLC

CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf Nutrition LLC

CEO/Founder Virtual Gym LLC