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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


3894 Due West Rd NW #260
Marietta, Georgia 30064


  • You definitely get what you put into it! Having a ball and keep pushing myself every visit.
    - September 16, 2018 by Ky Parker
  • Fun workout, excellent trainers, blast calories in just 30 minutes.
    - September 14, 2018 by Serena Meyer
  • Love that you can walk in and start whenever you get there. No pressure to make a class start time. Love the individual personal trainers that make sure you always get a awesome workout!! The energy is so positive and uplifting!! Different workouts everyday!! Love all of it!!
    - September 13, 2018 by Gaye Rhyne
  • Totally in love with 9Round! The workouts are different every day and the coaches are always right with me to ensure I know what to do AND that I am using the correct form! They push me just enough to make sure I'm working hard (and harder than I would push myself!) And burning between 350-500 calories in 30 minutes..I'll take it! Super effective workout in a short amount of time!
    - September 12, 2018 by Katherine Martinez
  • I love that it's a quick workout that is high intensity. It really gets your heart pumping, burning those calories. The trainers are great to work with and very friendly to all the patrons. They push and encourage you. It's a lot of fun and I love that it is different every day.
    - September 08, 2018 by Lori Hoenig
  • It’s a great workout, very challenging with lots of variations. The trainers have all been exceptional
    - September 06, 2018 by M.M.
  • Hi energy, personal touch, and great encouragement. I am committed to making this a lifestyle change!
    - August 21, 2018 by B.R.
  • I love the people! Everyone is sooo helpful!
    - August 20, 2018 by N.C.
  • The staff is exceptional, fun, and inspirational. The concept is interesting but the team is what makes this gym special and successful. The culture Roni has created will keep this relevant and growing when other concepts may struggle. Best fitness experience I've ever had, and that is no small feat!
    - August 10, 2018 by Gregory Dougherty
  • great place to get your heart rate going in the morning. I go in at 7-7:30 in the morning and burn 500-600 calories every morning. Great trainers to push you to get you to your personal goals. Owners of the gym are in the gym every morning to make sure your work out is good. Would highly recommend Ronnie and his gym for a great workout.
    - August 03, 2018 by Jon Howell
  • Great workout with an encouraging team and atmosphere.
    - August 02, 2018 by A.C.
  • Awesome staff and high energy
    - August 02, 2018 by K.J.
  • I am working on my fourth year as a 9Round member. I have worked out in two different states and started working out when both of the facilities first opened. I have been very impressed with the support of 9Round. The reason I keep coming back and the reason that I would recommend is because it is a great work out great environment and a great team.
    - August 02, 2018 by Robin Brown
  • The trainers knowing who I am and their enthusiasm and the one on one attention
    - July 28, 2018 by C.C.
  • I love the staff and personal trainers. Im not sure how but they know everyones name and treat us like family. Everyone is so supportive and hands on with you through each round. Theres a new challenging routine each time I visit and I believe that's why I'm seeing results so quickly. I love this place!
    - July 25, 2018 by Channel Farrell
  • Various all body workouts, with great inspirational/knowledgeable trainers and a fun environment. Also no appointment necessary. Just get there and go!
    - July 21, 2018 by Hank Von Ruden
  • 30 min workouts on my own time. The staff is great and helpful. The results are real.
    - July 20, 2018 by B.N.
  • No scheduled workouts is what I like best about my 9Round expierence. Also great trainers who motivate and push me.
    - July 18, 2018 by Mary Evans
  • So many things to list - - Love the trainers - they are all fun and really push me to challenge myself - Like that you just come in and start working out - Enjoy the fast pace and different workouts every day
    - July 16, 2018 by J.D.
  • I love how it’s 30 minutes and then I’m done. I love the TRAINERS! The endless amount of time they give us during our workout and they kick our butts!! I always feel like I’m leaving with something new...It is the best workout and it always changes! These trainers are TOP notch along with the owners! Love it and love my 9 round fam! -Sara OBanion
    - July 15, 2018 by Sara Obanion
  • Padwork, great trainers
    - July 14, 2018 by R.M.
  • It’s hard to pick just one thing but I would have to say the trainers! They hold you accountable and push you to achieve more than you thought you could!
    - July 14, 2018 by Todd Blosser
  • I LOVE that there is no class time. This makes it so easy to get in and get a workout.
    - July 14, 2018 by MaKay Swanson
  • Total fitness. Great cardiovascular workout while getting strength and toning.
    - July 13, 2018 by Mark Coulter
  • I love the West Cobb trainers!!!! They are all so encouraging, uplifting, and fun! I love that I can come in anytime the gym is open rather than having to come at a set class time. Finally, getting such an amazing work out in just 30 minutes is ideal for a busy schedule!
    - July 13, 2018 by Ondee Burchell
  • I am not a member but I take my 15 year old son - he is a member. I love the trainers. They are always engaged, positive, encouraging and fun! The energy in the room is positive and it's always a pleasure to be there even if I'm not working out. I love the atmosphere for my son and hopefully I'll be able to join myself soon!
    - July 11, 2018 by L.W.
  • Awesome motivation and workout
    - July 11, 2018 by Christopher Easterwood
  • I get a great workout in only 30 minutes. The trainers are always very friendly and encouraging and push you to do your best!
    - June 27, 2018 by Madison Davenport
  • the trainers!!! They listen to your wants and needs and helps you achieve all your goals!!
    - June 08, 2018 by Tiffany Burnside
  • It’s a Great workout and they have an awesome staff!!
    - June 08, 2018 by Brandon Carter
  • The trainers! They are motivating, fun, helpful, knowledgeable and they just ROCK!
    - June 08, 2018 by Stephanie Brewer
  • It is a great workout! The trainers are friendly and informative. They work with you and teach you the correct format. It is a fun and positive environment!
    - May 25, 2018 by Andrea Cheetham
  • Highly motivated staff to get me through the workout.
    - May 22, 2018 by John DerCola
  • I like that it is a 30 minute high intensity workout! I also like that it works for any fitness level.
    - May 10, 2018 by Dawnee Curry
  • Trainers constantly helping you
    - May 09, 2018 by H.M.
  • The instructors are great and very helpful. You can start every three minutes making it very flexible.
    - May 04, 2018 by J.D.
  • Love the variety each day and how much Jasmine helps me improve my form and pushes me each workout!! It’s really tough but so worth the 30 minutes each day!
    - May 03, 2018 by Rhandi Gallegos
  • Staff is awesome!!
    - April 30, 2018 by K.J.
  • I love the variety. You never do the same thing twice.
    - April 27, 2018 by L.A.
  • Great workout, no set class times. It works perfectly w/ my busy schedule that I can stop in at any time, get a fantastic workout, and leave!
    - April 26, 2018 by A.H.
  • The personal attention you get as you go through the workout. Also, love that you can workout on your schedule, no set class times. 9Round West Cobb has great people working there with great energy.
    - April 21, 2018 by S.B.
  • Very friendly staff and the trainers are extremely helpful with form and encouragement.
    - April 21, 2018 by L.S.
  • Not being just a number. Personalized attention. Staff knowing you by name and greeting you as you enter.
    - April 21, 2018 by C.C.
  • Always a great workout. All the staff is so motivating and encouraging!!
    - April 20, 2018 by S.B.
  • Always new workouts and always challenging! Great staff. Professional environment.
    - April 18, 2018 by Robin Brown
  • No class times
    - April 18, 2018 by Mary Evans
  • The trainers make it very fun. Also changing it up every round and everyday makes it challenging and more exciting.
    - April 15, 2018 by A.G.
  • Love the motivating trainers. Always pushing me to get a great workout. Also love that it's 30 minutes with no scheduled class time.
    - April 14, 2018 by Laura Glancy
  • The trainers are helpful and the workout changes all of the time.
    - April 14, 2018 by T.S.
  • This is absolutely the best work out you could hope for. You can monitor your heart rate, the workout changes everyday, and the 30 minutes go by before you know it. I have lost 15 lbs in no time. JUST GIVE IT A TRY.
    - April 13, 2018 by Mark Coulter

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Conner "CAPTAIN" Head
    Conner "The Captain" Head has a sales/marketing background, graduate of Hillgrove HS, attends Georgia Highlands College for degree in Business Administration and comes to us with over a year of boxing experience. He maintains a passion for fitness, enjoys teaching others and has a savvy proficiency for pad work.
  • 9Round trainer
    Andrew "Assassin" Burchell
    Andrew "The Assassin" Burchell is a graduate of Harrison HS, certified EMT, interested in pursuing a career in public service as a fireman. He comes to us with a year of boxing experience and packs intensity in every workout.
  • 9Round trainer
    Jasmine "The Jazz" Garcia
    Jasmine brings personality and fitness to a new level, her abundant energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She has a background in sales and fitness and endeavors to be a personal trainer and see people reach their goals.