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Three Fitness Myths That Women Should Ignore


womens-fitness-myths-2As a woman, I know the pressure many of us feel to look amazing. We would do anything to have the perfect body. Many of us go after every fitness fad and hot new diet that comes along only to feel dejected and as if we will never achieve our dream body. The only way to ever achieve our dream body is through exercise, nutrition and hard work. There are many myths and fads out there that we need to ignore to get our self image up, which can help motivate us to achieve a more fit body.


We will take a look at some of these myths and ways you can dispel them.


Metabolism. Myth: if you do not have an amazing metabolism, you will need to starve yourself to lose weight. The act of starving yourself will actually make your body hold onto calories. You will be in survival mode and whatever little bit you eat will stay with you. Your metabolism will also slow as you eat less and cause you to actually gain weight. Of course, you should also try to reach for healthier foods and snacks. The nutrients you need to maintain or repair your muscles during your fitness routine is crucial. The better your body can cope with your workouts the more effective they will be. Good fuel = good workouts!
Cardiovascular Exercise: Myth: you can only burn fat through numerous hours of cardiovascular exercise. Cardio is an integral part of any workout, but it is not the most effective way to burn fat. If you do more than an hour of cardio without some type of fuel you may cause your muscle mass to break down and actually slow your metabolism. Also doing the same thing every day becomes boring, and your body becomes use to the motions causing your results to slow or even stop. You need a fitness routine that changes from day to day making you work different muscles in new ways.



Spot training. Myth: you only need to work out the areas you want to lose weight. Spot training never works. It is true that a specific area can become more toned as you work it out, but this will not affect the layer of fat on top of these muscles. The best way to achieve your idea of the perfect body is to work ALL your muscle groups, consistently change up your routine, and stick to a sound nutrition plan. You can do all the crunches you want, but this will not guarantee you a flat stomach.


You should remember there is not just one way to achieve the body of your dreams. However, this being said, you should not fall victim to the fitness and diet fads everyone swears by. There is no easy routine or magic pill to give you the body of your dreams. When you try so hard and never get the results you want it can be disheartening but do not give up hope. You have to stay motivated and put in the effort and hard work to reach your goals.