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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


416 Daniel Webster Hwy
Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054


  • Excellent workout, friendly staff, and personal training!
    - November 07, 2018 by A.K.
  • I can stop there at anytime and start my workout. Trainers are super friendly, check how i’m doing, and they are super charged that their energy flows to me. It’s a judgement free zone and other memebers are friendly, totally it’s like a family. Workouts are different each day and I can feel it’s effect right at the end of the working out. It’s a great place to strengthen your body and mind.
    - October 30, 2018 by Anoop Narayanan
  • I am not a hugh fan of running so 9Rounds is perfect. The trainers at Merrimack are an excellent blend of making you work well making sure you are doing the exercises correctly so you don't injure yourself. It doesn't matter if your a beginner or someone that likes the sweat. It's a full body work out with no set class times and one big family atmosphere. Love it. John Madon
    - October 28, 2018 by John Mason
  • I like that I can begin an always changing 30 minute workout any time instead of having to wait for a class time.
    - October 23, 2018 by Lisa Volante
  • I like that I can get a full body workout in 30 minutes.
    - October 19, 2018 by N.S.
  • You feel welcomed as you walk through the door. You are encouraged to do your best, from the friendly trainers, who are knowledgeable, professional and treat everyone as family. It's a very positive experience! Thank you!
    - October 14, 2018 by R.H.
  • I can do the work out at my own intensity and at my preferred time... no start times
    - October 14, 2018 by Cyndee Williams
  • Love the workouts love the trainers. Love the no class time...show up do the workout and leave! So convenient!!
    - October 14, 2018 by Donna Shorette
  • The friendly people, the trainers are encouraging and the workout is only 30 minutes!
    - October 14, 2018 by L.H.
  • The workouts, the staff and the fact that you can get a great workout in 30 mins ( perfect for a full time working mom)
    - September 14, 2018 by J.L.
  • I love the supportive environment mostly but also the convienence of being able to start my workout at any time.
    - July 19, 2018 by Nicolle Souza
  • The flexibility of getting a great workout in a short amount of time!!
    - July 18, 2018 by Lorna Gonzalez
  • The mix of upper, lower, core and cardio workout without the feel of “today is a leg day” or “ tomorrow im going to do all cardio”. It mixes together while leaving you excitied for the next workout. And wondering “ what are they doing today” on the days I couldn’t fit it in my schedule.
    - July 13, 2018 by Cyndee Williams
  • Love it! Love the staff, the concept and the gym is always welcoming and clean!!! Grateful for the establishment! However, better music that keeps you pumped would be AMAZING! It's hit and miss. Sometime the music is better and my workout is much more intense and U get so much more out of it! Thank u!
    - July 13, 2018 by R.H.
  • I love that the trainers are so positive and make the gym have a family atmosphere!
    - July 13, 2018 by L.H.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Holly "Hurricane Holls" Morales
    Holly "Hurricane Holls" (pic w/CEO Shannon "The Cannon" Hudson) is Owner of 9Round Merrimack. She loves the town of Merrimack and is very involved in her community. She has 7 years of experience in Muay Thai kickboxing and is very happy to share her knowledge with you to maximize your workout!
  • 9Round trainer
    Sarah "Thunderhands" Taylor
    Sarah "Thunderhands" is a 9Round Member like you. She has always enjoyed sports, played basketball and soccer throughout school, and was defensive captain of her college rugby team. She has learned to expect emotional ups and downs but knows that bringing consistent effort is what counts! She will leave her ego at the door so you can, too.
  • 9Round trainer
    Rachel "Smiles" Egan
    Rachel "Smiles" started at 9round looking for a killer workout and got it! She currently holds a second degree black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing and recently completed 9round Training camp to become a certified 9round Lead Trainer. She has trained with some of the best professionals in Mixed Martial Arts and is looking forward to bringing her technique and 10 years+ experience to 9round. She has a fierce right hook and she’s ready to bring it!