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From Work to Working Out

From Work to Working Out

We all know how difficult it can be to go from working eight (sometimes ten) hour shifts to working out at the gym. I get it. When we’ve been working all day or night the last thing we want to think about is putting our body to work even more than we have to. It’s easier to call it a day, go home, and lay on the couch, so you can watch your shows on Netflix. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, doing this will not help you get anywhere near that healthier lifestyle you have been searching for. Before I became a stay at home mother, I worked a 9 to 5 job and found it hard to achieve the motivation needed to hit the gym after work. But, instead of going home, I managed to get myself there. Try out these tips when you start to lose motivation after a long day at the office! 


Leave Reminders of Your Fitness Goals 
Whether you have your own office, desk, cubicle, or locker - decorate your space with fitness goals. It could be a photo of a fitness model that inspires you, or it can simply be sticky note with a quote that motivates you. Doing so will help you remember how important your fitness goal(s) are throughout the day. 


Find a Workout Partner 
Although some people enjoy working out solo, most of us like a little company while working out. If you’re meeting a friend for dinner or drinks after work, try to change it into a sweat session! You will both feel great after an invigorating workout. Maybe not so much if it were cocktails instead. It will be less likely for you to back out and go home knowing someone will be at the gym waiting for you! 


Use Your Lunch Break
I know, I know. Working out during lunch?? That sounds crazy. Unfortunately, this may be the only option for some of us. When I was working at the office, I knew working out when I got off would be difficult. Mainly because I had to pick up my son from daycare and get home to start dinner. So, I packed my lunches and snacks, and I used my 30 minute lunch break to get an awesome workout in. It was a great way to get my mind off of work mid-day, and I was able to come back fully re-energized!


Change At Work 
Well, the first step is to actually bring your workout clothes with you to work. If you forget them at home, you are most likely going home and staying home. Before you leave the office, go ahead and change into your workout clothes and tennis shoes. I found it harder to say no to the gym once I’m already in the proper attire. 


Mark it on your Calendar 
Whether you’re a tech person or old school, schedule your workouts. They are just as important as any other meeting or phone call. It’s your health! Schedule your workouts on all of your calendars (phone and desk). It’s important to make your fitness goals a priority. Some people get so busy at work that they need things written down to remember what needs to be done next. 


We all have busy lives, but it’s important to remember how much we need to appreciate our lives and our bodies. So, remember to pack your gym clothes, schedule your workouts, and add a little gym decor to your work space! For more details on my awesome 30 minute workouts during lunch, please visit www.9Round.com and try your first workout FREE. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in only 30 minutes.