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"This Is My Set Point For Body Weight!"

"This Is My Set Point For Body Weight!"

When individuals are looking to improve their health and lose weight, it can be very common for then to verbalize something like, "I have a set point for weight." I have heard individuals say this a lot over the last many years. Is there really a "set point" for bodyweight? No, this is just another limiting belief that individuals have; very similar to the belief that individuals have when they say they are overweight because they are "big boned." This of course is another limiting belief as well. Let me share a couple of real-life examples for you.


Female, 5'3", 205lbs


Male, 5'9", 270lbs


The question asked to both individuals is, "what are your nutrition, fitness and body composition goals?" And here is the response from the female… “I would like to lose 30-35lbs. 170-175 pounds seems to be my set point for weight.” And here's the response from the male…”I would like to lose 35-40 pounds. 230-235 pounds seems to be my set point weight.”


 While these are very good starting goals for each individual, in no way can this be a set point one's body weight. What we have to understand is this; if each of these individuals was to lose the amount of weight that they mentioned, this is a good start. But, when they lose this amount of body weight they are still severely overweight and obese (females greater than 30% body fat and males greater than 25% body fat are considered obese). Therefore, we have to ask ourselves, 'why would the body have a set point for weight that is overweight, obese and at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease?' That would not make sense, would it? Why would the human body want to remain in an unhealthy state?


Point being is this; when individuals say this is their set point for weight, this is simply a limiting belief. What each person is really saying is the following...this is the weight where I can still eat/drink the not-so-good foods. Setting goals like this is not about one goal being better than the other or one goal being right and the other being wrong, not even close. Rather, this is simply about understanding that this is not a set point for weight; it is just a limiting belief about body weight.


Sure, these individuals can get much, much lighter, leaner and achieve a healthier body composition, but they do not have to, as this is their choice. Remember, it’s all about choices and consequences. Choosing not to get lighter and leaner than this because you still want to eat/drink foods that will not facilitate body fat loss is ok; just don't dismiss it as if this is your set point for weight, because it’s not. We want to be sure we have full disclosure and honesty with ourselves when setting our goals.


In summary, the body does not have a set point for weight, especially if that body weight and associated BF% is over weight, obese, unhealthy and at greater risk for cardiovascular disease. It's ok to choose not to get any lighter and leaner; this is your body and your choice. We just have to understand that having the mindset of, 'set point' and 'big boned' are simply limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from reaching that next level of success. Do you have any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from success?


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year