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What's Your Choice?

What's Your Choice?

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, "I can't" is not an option. We have 2 choices; 'I choose to' or 'I choose not to.' The 'I can't' has no place in the mix. Let's look at some common 'I can't statements' from individuals.


"I can't eat right all the time." This individual can eat right all the time; it's not that they cannot. Rather, this is a 'I choose not to' situation. They are simply choosing not to eat right all the time. This is a different mindset for sure, why? Well, we are taking 110% full personal responsibility for our actions and this can be tough for some folks. It's easier to place blame elsewhere and use the 'I can't' as an excuse when in reality, it's simply that this person is choosing not to. 


Keep in mind, the 'I choose to' or 'I choose not to' is not a right vs. wrong, rather, it's simply a choice. And when we take full responsibility for our choices and realize the 'I can't' is actually, 'I choose not to', we can then start to make some progress.


Another great example is, "I can't get up early each day and get my workout in." Well, sure you can. Again, 'I can't' has absolutely no place here. This is a very simple, 'I choose not to.' When we can start to accept the fact that the 'I can't' is just another excuse, we can then face our personal obstacles head on and then break through them one by one.


When it comes to body composition goals, a very common statement from folks is, "I've tried everything, nothing works; I can't lose weight!" Whoa, whoa, whoa; you've tried everything? Maybe you've tried every food fad/diet, and that's never a success. Again, this individual can lose weight, this is simply a 'I choose not to', and not an, 'I can't.' I realize it can tough for individuals to admit to the 'I choose not to.' But when we face that person in the mirror looking right back at us, and take full responsibility for the 'I choose not to', this is the start of great things ahead.


Take some time to write down your 'I can't' list. And then, change each one of these to 'I choose not to.' And then pause for a second and read out loud each 'I choose not to' statement. How does this choice make you feel? Are you ok with this choice? If so, stick with it, take full responsibility for your 'I choose not to', knowing that your goals will be significantly jeopardized and you will probably want to change/reduce your goals to better match your choice.


And again, remember, this is not about right vs. wrong; it's simply a choice. If reading these 'I choose not to' statements become the light bulb that goes off, great; let this be your chance to change it to the 'I chose to' statement. Practice this often and you will be amazed how much success can come from this.


Let's start right now. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what verbiage do we hear from so many individuals? Well, it goes like this, 'I can't eat right over Thanksgiving, it’s just so challenging.' Sure you can, this is simply a, 'I choose not to.' What's your choice?


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year