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Working Out on Vacation: YES or NO?

Working Out on Vacation: YES or NO?

Heather Hudson

When you go out of town for vacation should you still try to workout or should you just take a vacation from that as well?

Well, you could take a week or so off, if that’s your wish. However, know that it only takes one week for us to lose 12.5% of our strength and conditioning. That’s significant!

After just a week, the lungs are no longer as conditioned to working hard and the muscles have already started to grow smaller in just that short time. When it comes to working out, consistency really is the holy grail and non-consistency is the devil.

Understand, you aren’t going to lose all your progress in one week or gain all your weight back in that time, but…also to be noted is that 99% of people eat more on vacation than they do at home and, usually, they’re eating foods that aren’t the best for you. Pile that on TOP of no workouts and your return home could possibly result in pants that no longer fit.

But, guaranteed, if you took a whole week off from working out, the first week back at the gym will most likely be tough. Tougher than normal. You’ll be more sore than normal as well.

It could even discourage you to the point that you take more than the usual days off and delay getting fully back into your routine.

Personally, I don’t like how I feel after more than two days without working out, so I actually crave some kind of movement that spikes my heart rate and uses my muscles. I also don’t count walking around (like while shopping or at a theme park) or playing beach ball or corn hole as an official workout because these activities, while moving, aren’t the kinds of activities that constitute as enough exertion to keep your fitness level up to par.

My advice is to do an official workout at least 2-3 times while on vacation for just 10-15 minutes each. That’s it! If you want more, go for it. But this amount in one week’s time should be just enough to keep you from starting the downward spiral.

What kind of workout can you plan that you’ll actually DO when you’re away? Well, you are most likely somewhere with a lovely view so there’s always a short run. One mile or two. End with an ocean plunge if you’re at the beach!

Or, you could stay indoors and do a short circuit of bodyweight exercises.


Here’s an easy and quick one:

15 push ups

20 lunge jumps

Do above circuit for 5 sets. Repeat in a few days.


You can do this poolside or on the sand, unless you’re shy about others watching. Grab someone on your trip to do it with you if that helps you feel better! If you lunge in the sand, you might want to do walking lunges rather than jumping as the sand can tend to put you off balance and risk ankle twisting.

Even try swimming for 10-15 minutes out to a certain (safe) point and back for a true full body killer!  

Best bet of all: get to a 9Round twice if there’s one in the area where you are staying!

My last piece of advice is: whatever you do, do it in the morning. There is much less of a chance that you’ll ever get around to it later in the day, especially if adult beverages are consumed! Before you leave the hotel at all is your best bet!

Next week is many people’s Spring Break so stay tuned for an AH.MAY.ZING three-minute workout that you can do anywhere with no equipment. Why just three minutes? Wait and see…

Our aim? To do this routine just two or three times the whole week of Spring Break. Do it more if you like, or should I say…if you dare?!  

See you next week!