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5 Tips to Make Your Workout a Little Easier

It can be difficult to find a workout routine you can easily stick with. You can find a number of reasons to go to the gym, but you really only need one excuse to skip it. So, with all the temptations out there to keep you from the gym, how can you ensure that you will find a workout that you can stick with? Here we have gathered a few tips that you can use to help tackle a lot of the more common excuses many of us find to avoid the gym. So, take a look and see if you would benefit from trying a few of these tips in your daily routine.



  1. Always have a packed and ready gym bag. One of the most common excuses to skip the gym is not having enough time, and it can take a while to pack your gym bag if you wait until the last second. However, if you already have a packed and ready gym bag, all you have to do is grab it and run out the door. This can save many of us some crucial time and allow us to fit in that otherwise impossible workout.

  2. Pick a gym close to you. This can also help with the not enough time excuse. If you live near your gym or pass it on your daily commute, then you are more likely to find a way to squeeze in a quick workout, and it is a lot less likely that you can easily ignore the gym if you pass by it everyday. So, location can be a key factor in sticking to your fitness routine.

  3. Workout on the way home. For many of us, a morning workout is just not happening. An alternative method is to go straight to the gym after work. The key to this method is, going straight there. Don’t run any errands or go home because the likelihood of making it to the gym gets less and less likely the more distracted you get! Eat a healthy snack about 30 minutes before leaving work so that you aren’t empty of energy and hit that workout hard. Then you can go home and know you’ve done what you needed to for yourself. Then, eat a healthy dinner, and you’ll be a better spouse, parent or just a better person because of all your hard work!

  4. Reward yourself. A simple reward can help keep you motivated. Reward yourself for achieving a preset goal or staying consistent with your workouts. You can find something you are looking forward to and reward yourself with it when you think you have reached a victory in your workouts. It can be as simple as two hours alone at the bookstore to a new pair of shoes, but avoid using “cheat” foods as a reward because this ends up making your work back at the gym that much harder!

  5. Do not be afraid of new technology. Wearable technology is trending now more than ever! This new technology can give many of us that extra push we may need to stick to our workouts by helping us track our workouts and giving us some sort of accountability with an online community. It can also make you more aware of all the successes you have accomplished through your workouts making you more excited about going to your daily workouts. Many 9Round locations now have heart rate technology called MyZone that gives you immediate feedback during your workout. This is so crucial at that moment when you want to stop, but you look up at the screen and see that you need to keep pushing just a little bit more at that exact moment! Nothing is more motivating! If your 9Round has MyZone, you deserve to buy yourself one today! For more info on what MyZone is click here: http://www.9round.com/public/myzone.pdf


There are so many little extras that can help put you on the right track to working out consistently. All you need to do is find what works for you. If you do discover that it is becoming a little harder each day to get going with your workout, then maybe it is time to try a few of these tips and see what works for you.