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A Nutrition Lifestyle… For A Lifetime

9Round Nutrition… This is a true nutrition lifestyle for a lifetime.  9Round Nutrition is not a food fad or a diet. Diets and food fads are disastrous and do not ‘work’; hence, that is why a new one pops up virtually every day. When individuals follow a diet or a food fad, they will not achieve meaningful and sustainable results. Rather, they will simply get "temporary change" when it comes to weight loss. For example, going on a diet and losing 20 pounds and then quickly putting on 20 or more pounds is not a success and the initial 20 pound weight loss is not ‘results’; this is simply change and change is temporary. We want to achieve meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime and that is exactly what 9Round Nutrition will help assist you with.


No matter what your goals are, whether it is to lose 100+ pounds of body fat, to become a world champion athlete or somewhere in between, there are three key nutrition principles that we want to outline in order for our goals to become a reality.


#1: Eating Frequency: we want to be sure to keep a very high eating frequency all throughout the day as this will help to stimulate our metabolic rate. All too often, when individuals are trying to change their body composition, the thought becomes "eat less." When individuals adopt this and start to eat less frequently, they will disrupt the balance of blood sugar, insulin and serotonin in their bodies. This can lead to food cravings which then leads to overeating and binge eating which of course then leads to body fat and body weight increase.


#2: Nutrient Timing: what keep this simple… Feed the body immediately upon awakening and then every 2.5-3.5 hours thereafter all throughout the day. This is where eating frequency and nutrient timing joined forces. Keep in mind; food is fuel for your body. If body composition change is your goal and no matter how overweight you may be, the food is not your enemy; food is your friend. Food is the fuel for our brain and body.


#3: Macronutrient Balance: if we were to ask most individuals what the key is in order to reduce body fat and weight, most would have a response such as, "just eat healthy" or "just eat clean." Well, eating healthy is not the key to success. Sure, we want to and need to eat healthy in order for our goals to become a reality, but just eating healthy does not work. We all know what healthy foods are… Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. So, if it were just that easy, well, it would be that easy. Here is a big key to success; we have to cross the bridge from the world of eating healthy… Into the world of "eating right." These are two completely different worlds. In order to eat right we have to be sure that the balance of carbohydrate-protein-fat at every meal/snack is properly balanced. As a general rule, here is our goal at every meal/snack… 40-55% calories from carbohydrate; 15-30% protein; 15-30% fat. Now that you have these numbers, start to log your meals and snacks and there's a very good chance, even if you are eating healthy, that you're probably not eating right. Here's a perfect example… Take a look at all the crazy food fads and diets that instruct the user to cut out carbohydrates (never, ever adopt one of these food fads or diets). A staple meal for dinner when it comes to these diets is all the same, silly verbiage like this, "for dinner, be sure to have a lean protein and vegetables." Okay, let's say we do this and we have a grilled chicken breast with vegetables. Sounds like a perfect meal, right? Well, this meal is nothing shy of a train wreck in the making. Remember what we said earlier, food is fuel for the brain and body. This "healthy meal" is going to provide zero fuel for the brain and body. Protein and vegetables? No way-we need some complex carbohydrate (and no, vegetables are not carbohydrates) and some dietary fat in order to balance out this meal and create the proper macronutrient balance. Let’s take this healthy meal and make it right… Keep the vegetables; they're good for us of course as they provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Reduce the chicken breast by 1/2; most likely, this was far too large a portion of protein. Add a side of carbohydrate such as rice or pasta and let's add a slice of avocado for some dietary fat, BOOM! Now we are on the right track.


As you start to make the nutrition changes above and really start to adopt the 9Round Nutrition lifestyle, in time, you will find that your energy levels will be higher and more stable and you will find that your food cravings will be reduced.


Enjoy the fuel! Sincerely, Rick, 9Round Nutrition Coach

Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best Selling Author

Named one of the World Fitness Elite® Trainers of the Year