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Heather Hudson

“Lukewarm water never makes steam”…..

If you have any goal in the world, it simply becomes a wish unless you put the fire behind it! You must be on FIRE FOR YOUR DESIRE!

Many, many “wishes” are put out at the beginning of each New Year, only to stagnate and never become FIRE.

If you are struggling to manifest a goal into reality, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to discover what is missing. Be honest with yourself.

  • How much consistent effort have I really put into this goal?
  • Are you doing the same things, expecting different results?
  • Are you just talking about it, or doing about it?
  • Do you take each day as it comes to you, or do you plan each day before it is here?
  • Do you have a lot of reasons why it probably isn’t working for you (aka excuses) or are you determined no matter what?

If your goal is fitness, FIRST RECOGNIZE THIS REALITY… there is not a limited amount of people in the world allowed to be fit. Fitness is NOT first come, first serve. Thankfully, fit bodies aren’t on “sale” and if you miss out, you won’t get yours.

EVERYONE can be fit. That’s the truth.

If this is true…why isn’t everyone?

Simple. Not everyone has fire for their desire. Some people call this “the zone”, and really get fired up, you will quit when it gets tough.

Want to know a secret? There’s a shortcut to this process. It’s not cheating…but, it does give you a huge advantage over everyone else, and you might feel a tad guilty that you’re so far ahead of the game….(ok, not THAT GUILTY!) Do you know what it is?

A trainer to motivate you!

If you don’t naturally wake yourself up like an Army Sargent, immediately do 50 push-ups and 100 jumping jacks before you’ve even stepped into the shower….then you need a trainer. (This is 99% of people, by the way.) Even the BEST athletes in the world have trainers! Why? Because no one naturally pushes themselves as hard as another person will. It’s just human nature.

Once you’ve worked out with a 9Round Trainer several times, your desire will go from cold to hot in a snap because you see yourself getting stronger, FAST! This will ignite your fire for your desire, and if you stay focused, won’t ever stop.

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Oh well. I appreciate you reading so far, but I guess you are doomed to be a lump of lard…..

Come on, you think I’m letting you off the hook that easy?! No way.

9Round comes with a Certified 9Round Trainer at no extra charge! Hello?! Are you still breathing? Yes, I said “at no extra charge”.

It is the secret to our client’s success, hands down. There are many aspects of 9Round that make it a unique fitness program that works, but the motivating TRAINER is our secret sauce.

We train our trainers to train…

Meaning, we make them the best we can make them, so that they can make you the best you can be!

We have countless stories of people who have done things they did not even believe they could do with 9Round! All because someone was standing there telling them, “Yes, you can!”

If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, perhaps for the first time in your life, remember the first workout at 9Round is always free, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about! We want you to try us out. We know you’ll be “hooked” (pun intended).

Check out a location near you and click on Yes, I want my free workout!