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Is it Selfish or SelfLESS?

Heather Hudson

Looking out for #1 is really the ONLY way to look out for person #2”

Does that statement sound “off” to you? A little selfish? Unbalanced?

I was speaking with my 13 year old daughter the other day and we were having one of those ‘moments’.. you know…

You’re really connecting…

Actually TALKING (gasp!)…

And the conversation got pretty heavy and important topics were being coming up.

I ended up coming full circle with the conversation and brought up how spiritual the fitness experience can (and really should) be. This is not a religious post whatsoever, but rather a personal one.

I told her, “Fitness, if you let it, will take you on a mental and spiritual journey.” I said, “Imagine this”:

  • A mom, who one day decides to get fit. She loses 50 pounds and now she can play with her young child without dreading it. Now that child is outside more with her mom, having real moments, lasting memories, and not glued to the tv all weekend.

  • Dad sees mom having fun, feeling light and fit and he turns off the tv, and starts to go with his wife to the gym as well.

  • This in turn causes their oldest child, a teenager, to start going as well. This family sweats and smiles TOGETHER several times a week! Now this kid gains confidence in himself through the most critical years. The teen years are full of self-doubt and worrying about being accepted at school.

  • Because of his new found confidence, he’s able to say no to drugs, drinking and other bad influences at school because he loves himself enough! He hangs out with other teens who feel just as good about themselves and they all support one another to be themselves and not give in to peer pressure. They become the cool clique at school and help other teens who were struggling with their self-image to be the leaders in having a great time through the teen years without giving up their morals…He graduates valedictorian of his class…And it goes on and on…. The ripple effect.

Parents, would you ever have thought of all of this happening by YOU choosing to treat your one body as good as you possibly can? Some parents feel guilty taking time for themselves, but….. it’s limited thinking to imagine that your actions only affect YOU. We are all bigger than that. Deep down, you know that.

When you DON’T find the time to go workout, just remember, you’re not just affecting your own body, and how many MORE quality years you’ll spend on this earth as a results, but the potential to help hundreds of other people’s lives by your incredible example as well.

Do it for you. Do it for your kids. Do it for your family, your friends, and people you don’t even know are watching!

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