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As Winston once said…”Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Quit!”

Kevin Hudson

When it comes to fitness, probably the top reason people don’t reach those goals they have set is the ugly word, QUIT!

Personally I have a big issue with people quitting!

When I speak of quitting I’m talking about quitting something that is known to be good for you mentally, physically, and spiritually, yet when some discomfort or inconvenience occurs, QUITTING becomes an option. Now quitting a bad habit is great, obviously people looking to improve the quality of their life need to quit certain things, quit smoking, quit eating junk, quit sitting on the couch 9 hours a day, etc.

Getting into shape and becoming a healthy individual starts with the decision then execution. Execution, meaning follow through, action, not killing someone, although, I know sometimes when your pouring sweat and your trainers screaming at you, you feel like executing him. : )

So once you’ve made that decision that you’re ready to make that change now it’s time to get busy. Consistent action on a regular basis will ensure you steadily gain momentum. Your 9R trainer will help guide you with the right exercises, the 9R nutrition plan will help give you the right things to eat.


I don’t even use that word (QUIT) in my vocabulary. In fact it’s paining me “quit”, quite a bit to type it so many times. The most important character trait in a person of success, whether fitness, business, or life is PERSEVERANCE!

Yes sometimes it’s gonna hurt!

Sometimes it’s not going to be convenient!

BUT you can’t give up. Quitting is something anyone can do, but it takes a special person not to. What I’ve found in all my training and life as well is people quit for three reasons, usually:

1-They’re scared of getting injured, either emotionally or physically.

This is tough and I understand. With any exercise regime there is an inherent amount of risk of injury and yes it may suck to not be able to do as many pushups as the person on the next station, but remember this. As one of my trainers said, “When you get older Kev, you’re either going to see an orthopedic doctor or a cardiologist. The chances of an orthopedic doctor killing you is a whole lot less than a heart doctor.”

2-They’re scared they can’t do it!

This comes from knowing that other people have attempting the task and failed. In this case losing 20 pounds or getting into shape. Yes there are people out there who didn’t make it but God made us all unique and different. Just because they failed doesn’t mean you have to. You’re your own BOSS!

3-They’ve seen other people QUIT and nothing bad happened to them.

This is understandable in our society today. People start and stop things all the time in our world. The amount of overall STICKABILITY has drastically reduced in the last 40 years. Our society sees quitting not for what it is (crappy) but maybe a change in direction. QUITTING has become a norm not the exception!

What does this mean to you as a LEADER, FIT ADULT, ENTRPRENEUR, 9 Round owner or patron???


You can reach your fitness goals! I believe in you! Take it from me…a skinny, introverted kid…who didn’t quit and went on to be a 2 TIME World Champion Kickboxer!

Don’t give up and push it harder that last 30 seconds!