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Top 9 Ways To Burn Extra Calories During The Day

Even when I have been in the best shape of my life, I was always looking for the next step. The hard part was looking for something I could do to burn a few hundred extra calories without starting to over train (In case you missed my blog on Overtraining, check it out here .) Here are some quick, sneaky ways to burn some extra calories doing things you already do!

  1. Pretend there is a fire! – What is the first thing you read if you step onto an elevator? IN CASE OF FIRE PLEASE USE STAIRS! If you want a “fired” up metabolism, live like your building is on fire!
  2. I Brush, therefor I am – Try a little yoga while you brush your teeth. Holding one foot off the ground, or holding a wall squat is an easy way to involve your biggest muscle group while you are cleaning those pearly whites.
  3. Learn To Love Commercial Breaks – During a normal hour of television, there are around 21 minutes in commercials! Use that time to your advantage by mixing in different exercises. For example, if it is a food commercial you could do sit-ups, for a car commercial you can squat, etc…
  4. Get Twitchy With It – Studies have shown that restless people burn more calories! Even if its shaking your leg or drumming your fingers, those little muscles require energy to move!
  5. Try The “Heart Healthy” Parking – When given the opportunity, park as far away from your destination as safely possible. The extra steps will help knock off some of the double cheeseburger you just ate, plus you get to make someone’s day by sacrificing the close spot!
  6. Redecorate! – You know that ugly sofa that has been beckoning to be moved to the garage? MOVE IT! Moving furniture is a great way to get a workout that moves your body in patterns it’s not used to. You may get sore, but your living room is going to look great.
  7. Go Grocery Shopping – Did you know pushing a grocery cart for 45 minutes burns 117 calories? Just make sure you load it down with foods that will help you reach your goal, not push you farther away from it!
  8. Try Game Night – Scrabble is an easy example of how you can burn calories doing anything. If played for 2 hours, not only will you have a better vocabulary, but you will have burned 200 calories!
  9. Clean up that garden! – I think growing your own fruit and vegetables is a fantastic idea. I have been doing it for years! Not only will you know exactly what your food is exposed to, but you will break a sweat too. Even doing one of the easiest tasks, such as weeding, can burn around 150 calories in 30 minutes!